back to article California emits latest layoff statistics. March's numbers are ugly. It's 19,000 total, including many in tech

California, home of Silicon Valley, has released its latest figures on job losses in the US state, and it's not pretty. These numbers emerge as 3.28 million people nationwide filed for unemployment benefits in one week, quadruple the previous record, after businesses reacted to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Cali's …

  1. big_D Silver badge


    I think just about the right amount of levity in the list, while keeping the store itself sober.

    Well done. ----->

    I hope the government plans sort this out and the number of job losses slow down. I know, here, the government want to support the businesses in the time of crisis - paying unemployment won't help people get work after the crisis, if the companies they worked for go under...

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Re: Levity...

      story, not store!

    2. druck Silver badge

      Re: Levity...

      They'll be no levity when it comes to April's figures, and beyond...

  2. elip


    Queue these same companies publicly decrying the shortage of skilled potential employees, and continuing to lobby for loosening of the H1B restrictions and increase in quotas.

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      Re: queue...

      Or, perhaps, cue them doing so?

  3. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    unemployment systems overloaded

    Keep reading reports about how the unemployment systems are overloaded so probably could of been much higher had they been able to process the volume of transactions. To me 19k seems way low I would of expected easily over 50k. Also find it pretty shocking how many companies are trying to self justify themselves as "essential" (Gamestop was one of the more talked about ones in tech anyway).

  4. Apprentice Human

    We'll I'm still getting paid more than I was in Oz

    Moved over to Silicon Valley in 2000, just in time for the crash, from Melbourne.

    I've had much more interesting jobs than I ever had a chance while back home.

    Regular cuts are part of California, a "right to work" state, more like a right to kick you out because the boss has a hangover. But if you're any good you don't have any real issues. And there are so many IT vacancies I don't see anyone being unemployed for a long time, we're all desperate for more people on our teams.

  5. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Cali-fornicate-you governor "Nuisance" is an IDIOT

    "Nuiscance" is an IDIOT. And Cuomo of NY is only *slightly* better.

    You could deal with all of this *WITHOUT* (effectively) shutting EVERY COMPANY DOWN STATE WIDE. if this shutdown goes on for as long as is indicated (through end of April) then the already-strained-by-liberalism Cali-Fornicate-You economy will become *COMPLETELY* *FSCK*'d.

    Not every business (particularly engineering) can be done 'work from home' style. I can do about 75% of my work that way for my current client. The OTHER PEOPLE I need to work with, however, can't do that. It's severely impacting that company, and I _KNOW_ there are others like it.

    The fact remains, that COVID-19 _is_ worse than flu, but it is *NOT* black plague nor EBOLA. The response to it is being TAKEN WAY TOO FAR!!! [and the lame-stream media is FEEDING THE FEAR AND PANIC]

    It's LUDICROUS to shut down ALL companies across a state [or a country for that matter]. _NO_ amount of gummint "help" can mitigate this. The only REAL choice is to rely on people being smart, and to make sure that there is enough "stuff" available for when people DO get sick. That's just the way diseases are, and HERD IMMUNITY (from people who have caught the disease and recovered) will eventually fill the gap whenever a vaccine does not exist. And practicing common-sense techniques like the 'social distancing' thing is probably the MOST effective.

    (for those who are most susceptible, it makes more sense to partially quarantine THEM as well as guaranteeing there is sufficient medical treatment, rather than SHUTTING DOWN EVERYONE ELSE in a PANIC "do something" OVER-REACTION).

    I really am SICK of the FEAR AND PANIC part of this. The virus itself [I may have already HAD the thing - co-worker at customer site came back from China in December, got sick, probably gave it to me, and I had a mild fever a couple of times afterwards...] causes flu-like symptoms, MILD ones at that, in MOST people. A few people get a nasty pneumonia which is no doubt complicated by bacteria infections which is probably what kills you [this is how flu kills]. Bacterial pneumonia is serious and often requires hospitalization. So this is where the concern is, that there's a higher death rate than influenza. But it is _NOT_ EBOLA. It does NOT kill EVERYONE. And if you get treatment, it is highly likely you will survive it. THAT much is being helped out by gummints, getting the supplies and hospital beds ready. ONCE THAT HAS BEEN DONE, then EVERYONE SHOULD GO BACK TO WORK!!! We will at THAT point be *PREPARED*. There is a promising treatment AND supplies of ventilators and masks are being produced by many companies to meet the demand. IT IS TIME TO END THE SHUTDOWNS, RIGHT FORNICATING NOW!!!

    This whole SCARE has gone WAY too far already. Common sense and "deal with it like the flu". The death rates are already being revised at SIGNIFICANTLY below the fear-mongered 3 percent level. And flu season is ALMOST OVER. There is NO NEED to screw the world's economy (unless you LOVE chaos because you're a COMMUNIST and want to TAKE OVER) over this.

    Just make sure we have enough equipment and medications for hospitals to treat patients. A 'short pause' probably already bought enough time for THAT, so we should JUST! MOVE! FORWARD! with COMMON! SENSE! approaches now. NO! MORE! PANIC!!! NO! MORE! SHUTDOWNS!!!

    (yeah I'm working at home at the moment, not impacted in the short term, but OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW ARE IMPACTED, and it SUCKS)

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