back to article Give us a reason... not to buy a new handset? Samsung back-ports Galaxy S20 photo features to Galaxy 10 range

Samsung has announced an update for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 that will imbue them with powers previously only available on the newer Galaxy S20 range. The changes include Pro Video mode on the older handsets, music sharing over Bluetooth, and the ability to create custom photo filters. Another addition is “Single …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    The value of branding

    Erm, guys, this is lovely. But isn't selling new kit pretty important?

    This one of the things Apple does all the time and gets plaudits for it.

    It doesn't cost Samsung anything to do this and it adds value to the existing phones. This should make people more confident that they made a good choice which is important at the competition hots up and it's not as if owners of the Samsung 10 can be expected to want to switch any time soon: next to an I-Phone the S10 has become the corporate handset for many, not least because Samsung has committed to several years of full updates and things like One UI and DeX continue to improve.

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Re: The value of branding

      Exactly, people don't buy a new phone each year - most people I know are on a 4 - 7 year replacement cycle. If the manufacturer can generate some brand loyalty by providing long-term security updates and backporting software features to older phones, people will be more likely to stick with them come upgrade time.

      An S10 user is fairly unlikely to buy an S20, so it makes sense to keep them keen.

  2. a pressbutton

    It could be the 'customer photo filter' stops anyone noticing that the S20 is the S10

    Bet you missed the fnords as well.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "the ability to create customer photo filters"

    Shouldn't that be "custom" photo filters ?

    I know we're all in confinement, but editors need to pay a bit more attention. The amount of errors in articles since the beginning of the week has been on the rise by an order of magnitude.

    1. Negative Charlie

      Re: "the ability to create customer photo filters"

      > The amount of errors in articles

      Shouldn't that be "The number of errors in articles"?

      1. KimGriff

        Re: "the ability to create customer photo filters"

        You're being a little pedantic don't you think?

        Oh, I've just seen your user name!

        That explains a lot!

        Seriously though, picking on someone for making one of the most common grammatical mistakes is sad!

        1. joeW

          Re: "the ability to create customer photo filters"

          Look, it's just Muphrey's Law in action.

    2. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: "the ability to create customer photo filters"

      Thanks - fixed. Don't forget to email if you spot anything wrong.

      Also, we're incredibly stressed out, and an incredibly small team - small errors will creep through. Drop us a line if you see them, and we'll fix them.


      1. CountCadaver Bronze badge

        Re: "the ability to create customer photo filters"

        only thing I've missed recently is the general skepticism about all claims no matter their origin, recently it seems "green" claims aren't subjected to the same Reg snarky skepticism and thats a shame as otherwise the emperor's new clothes start appearing without someone yelling "just a minute"

  4. Jim-234

    I was actually about to upgrade to the S20 Ultra as my daily use phone from the Note 8 but since the 512gb one in unlocked was out of stock I waited a bit and now I'm thinking maybe see what the Note 20 has as I do kind of like the pen for those rare times I need it.

  5. Paradroid

    Full disclosure required

    This article sounds like it's written by someone who has shares in Samsung. Do you Simon?

    Samsung has got grief for years over their poor software update record, and now they're doing a really good job, you're saying they need to stop it to sell more phones. From an S10+ owner, thanks a bunch.

  6. Aami

    Over priced phones with little camera changes oppo has also best cameras with less than half priced Samsung phones, although I have used almost mobiles of Samsung but now due to price thinking to shift on oppo

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      i just buy last years samsung every for years or so, although my s7 just works and still gets security updates. .

      1. CountCadaver Bronze badge

        last couple of updates for my S7 has started slowing it down and coincendentally the battery life started dropping right after the last one....

        Does your camera app stop responding to the shutter button at all ever?

        Mine does it sporadically despite trying factory reset, format memory card, replace name brand card with a different name brand card. Some days it works flawlessly, other days it shoots 1 or 2 images and then it hangs like its waiting on the memory card to respond or finish a write, closing camera and re-opening gets you a several second long black screen....bit of a headscratcher tbh...

  7. dbp

    i just buy last years samsung every few years, although my s7 just works and still get's security updates. .

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