back to article Short of tech talent to deal with novel coronavirus surge? Let us help – with free job ads on The Register

It won't have escaped anyone in the tech community and the wider world that we are in for some challenging times. As such, The Register wants to extend a helping hand to any organizations in desperate need of technology talent. We are inviting companies to send us their job ads that we will run for free on this website so …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge
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    So, vultures don't only bite after all :)

    I applaud this initiative. Well done El Reg !

  2. Trollslayer
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    This crisis is bringing out the best in people

    Yes, it brings out the worst in some but they are in the minority.

  3. My-Handle

    <quote>PS: Please don't abuse this offer, though, because, let's face it, you don't want to end up as a headline.</quote>

    Biting the hand that feeds IT :) It had to get into the article somewhere.

    1. Rol

      BOFH trained freelancers available in your area. If you have a problem with management, let us manage them away.

      Bespoke end to end service, or just collection and disposal.

      Discretion assured.

      Optional torture/humiliation (end to end service only)

      All work is recorded to help with staff training and is available in a commemorative presentation pack or viewable on the usual dark net sites.

      Book now and avoid the rush.

  4. Pat Att

    What a great gesture. Well done.

    See title.

  5. Giovani Tapini

    You dont want to become a headline

    That is the most evil and effective warning possible, although if you don't get any at all I will be a little disappointed !

    1. Ogi

      Re: You dont want to become a headline

      The saying "Never quarrel with a man who buys ink by the barrel" comes to mind.

      Although not sure the digital media version of that quote could be.... "buys bandwidth by the terabit" maybe?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is nice

    Good job. I hope it leads to people who have lost their jobs and income getting it all back together. I do sincerely commend you.

    Now for the snark… There isn't any. Sorry

    Cheers… Ishy

  7. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Good move.

    Nice one. Give the vulture a big hand!

    1. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

      Re: Good move.

      I can think of a few donors that I'd like to donate a hand......& the rest of them too as well to the vultures.

      1. Zarno

        Re: Good move.

        I know vultures are usually well adept at handling rotten/bloated/decaying things, but be careful you don't give them something too toxic.

        We have a fusing ball of hydrogen for disposing of that.

        Icon because it's the closest thing to the sun.

  8. BebopWeBop

    Well that will get some people to turn of their adblockers

    1. DJV Silver badge
    2. Filippo Silver badge

      Even outside the joke, The Register is one of less than a handful of sites which are whitelisted in my adblocker. Exceptionally good sites, that employ actual journalists worthy of the title, need to be rewarded.

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        Aww jeez, thanks a lot - that makes our day :') We're a relatively small team, and we try our hardest. And we'll keep doing our hardest.



        1. G Olson

          You're still sending scripts from the scum of the Internet: google-analytics and Not hard enough.

    3. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Unfortunately, I don't have a spare computer to sacrifice to the lords of malware advertising. It's just not worth it.

      Beer 'cause I'm crying in it.

  9. jake Silver badge

    Applause from the peanut gallery.

    Thanks, guys and gals. Kinda restores some faith in humanity, that does. This round's on me.

    "Please don't abuse this offer, though, because, let's face it, you don't want to end up as a headline."

    And THAT restores my faith in ElReg! Looking forward to the headline, there is always one ...

  10. PM from Hell

    Well Done

    Have one of these on me.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A great idea

    It used to be the norm, advertising jobs requiring expertise in related specialist periodicals. given that this is the ideal forum to reach your target audience.

  12. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    Clearly my reg-fu isn't up to scratch, but I can't actually find where the job adverts are.

  13. Tdkuk

    What a brilliant idea!

    As a 'resting' contractor with a wealth of experience to offer I will be keeping an eye out for anything available in the Herts area

  14. Lifecarver


    Hello, I'm wanting to come in at the bottom of IT with a L1 service role. I've recently studied:

    CompTIA A+ 220-1001

    CompTIA A+ 220-1002

    CompTIA N10-007 Network +

    Microsoft 70-680 TS Configuring Windows 7

    I live in the Manchester area (Glossop)

    I was a primary teacher for 20 years, and more recently ran my own handyman/ tutoring limited company.

    If anyone knows of anything that is available, please let me know.


    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Gizzajob

      "Microsoft 70-680 TS Configuring Windows 7"

      Possibly not worth mentioning that one now, or updating it to a supported version of Windows but good luck in your job hunt.

      1. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

        Re: Gizzajob

        Oh I dont know. Theres planty of banks running Win7 powered devices

      2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: Configuring Windows 7

        That would be far more attractive to me than "Configuring Windows 10".


        It seems that anything neat that you do to make it more usable gets removed by each and every update sent down the Intertubes by MS. i.e. it is a waste of time for most of us.

        Good luck EL Reg on this sideline. If I was even remotely interested in getting back into work I'd use it as a resource. I've just finished my 4th Novel (pub'd under a pen name)

  15. Edwin

    well done

    I seem to remember you've done this before though. Somewhere in the distant past?

  16. Dan 55 Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    Er, the job interview's going to be bit of a challenge though.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Congratulations

      Videoconferencing; many flavours of chat app; ham radio; carrier pigeon if you can stand the lack of bandwidth; post-it notes stuck to a drone; roll-your-own IRC server etc etc etc. Techy jobs: the interview is the last thing that would be a problem.

      1. Edwin

        Re: Congratulations

        Whaddyamean, lack of bandwidth? A pigeon can carry tons of data over reasonable distances quite quickly. Latency, OTOH...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes, yes...

    But the vast majority of folks here probably use ad blockers and won't see the ads.

    Why not set up a classifieds section of the site?

    1. robidy

      Re: Yes, yes...

      Good idea, Craig's list is already used, John's list sounds like a toilet, what about Mike's list? :)

    2. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

      Re: Yes, yes...

      Oh come on! It has got to be Reg's List, innit?

      The only even half viable alternative would be Verity Stobbs' List

  18. FrenchFries!


    So kind, indeed! Thank you, El Reg!

  19. mevets

    Biting the hand....

    So, if I were looking for a job, where would I find this job board? Some people suggest turning off ad blockers; and I did launch a throw-away profile for you site but still can't find this thing....

    I know google has messed up the traditional relationship where the people advertising pay to attract attention. By chewing on the stick at both ends they have maximized short term gain at the cost of zero loyalty. You have my loyalty, and I think a few others too. Is this the best example to follow?

    1. Rol

      Re: Biting the hand....

      I guess it is still work in progress. The article was to my knowledge the first trumpeting of this service, inviting all and sundry to throw their job offers into the ring, so until the responses start piling in, and the scope assessed, it would be prudent to hold off on any preconceived notions of how it will be presented.

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