back to article Drones, apps and packed lunches: The latest on big tech's COVID-19 response

Welcome to another round-up of bandwagon-hopping and genuine altruism from big tech as the industry continues its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID Symptom Tracker takes a bow Before taking a dip into the usual snark-infested waters of our beloved industry, it is worth noting the arrival of a COVID-19 Symptom Tracker …

  1. spold Silver badge

    Drone Version 2

    ....will have a laser gun - better get granny in the retirement home a tinfoil hat and a Guy Fawkes mask

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "the kind old tech giant"

    Doing an Apple, are we ?

    So nice to donate your spare change.

  3. Palpy

    Thank DEITIES!

    "IBM's Watson, running on IBM's cloud, crunches the data from sources such as the World Health Organisation, and the results can be viewed in a variety of media, including a location map or trends."

    Or you could just look on one of the many detailed online pandemic maps, or consult pandemic figures online, broken down by US county.

    There's an app for that? Put a bird on it.

    1. hayzoos

      Re: Thank DEITIES!

      Where's the fun (profit) in that? Many of those sources of pandemic information do not enhance the visitor experience with kind relevant words from their sponsors (targeted ads).

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