back to article Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks hardware supply chains and elasticity: 'Bigger issue' is what happens around US and Europe's 'demand side'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put a brave face on things yesterday as the Windows giant's infrastructure creaks under "unprecedented" load. Speaking to CNBC, Nadella spent a large portion of his time talking sense and lightly dancing around the emissions of the US's very own orange-tinged tweeter-in-chief hauled up in a certain …

  1. BillG

    Supply Chains

    Distribution hardware supply chains are booming in the USA. Since the Chinese supply chains have fallen apart due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, Chinese manufacturers are ordering from U.S. distributors for shipment to China.

    In the USA electronic distribution have also been designated 'essential services', components are needed for medical equipment so Avnet, Arrow etc. are all open.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Supply Chains

      Are you smoking crack, or do you live somewhere with a huge propaganda engine? The Chinese are the only ones coping right now, and the wheels are about to fall off in the US while the EU has already gone to pot.

      1. cdrcat

        Re: Supply Chains


        Order something that needs delivery from China, preferably that has just become stocked again.

        My bet is that China is open for business at the moment - if the US had some real dirt on China they would be printing it no the presses already.

        And there are multiple other Asian countries that have functioning economies - the star being Taiwan.

      2. BillG

        Re: Supply Chains

        Are you smoking crack, or do you live somewhere with a huge propaganda engine?

        To put in politely AC, you don't know what you are talking about. I'm in distribution, I know the numbers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Use Zoom instead

    ... Or basically use any other conferencing platform because Teams is pants! It's extremely buggy, unstable and the UI totally blows. It's impossible to see more than 4 participants at once despite there being feature requests and promises since over a year ago: Bugs with muting and unmuting audio; terrible lag during screen sharing and remote control, random black boxes obscuring the screen and difficulty using and exiting full screen mode have all built up a very grim experience. Not that I really expect anything different from Microsoft.

    Frustrated by it's instability, poor performance, bugs and frequent drop-outs; my colleagues have defied the 'corporate preference' for Teams and have moved onto Zoom which is just miles better.

    So far it's pretty much worked flawlessly. Several meetings a day with between 5 and about 30 participants all using video. Users connecting successfully from Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android devices. The only glitch has been a couple of devices not granting access to the microphone until manually set but it's easily fixed.

    And the biggest win is that the directors and above have now actually seen how much better Zoom is and have even gained given official permission by our security team to use it. Now if we could just persuade the whole corporation to switch their preferred perform...

    Anon purely because of who I work for (and I'm not in any way affiliated with any video conferencing companies including Zoom).

    1. SAdams

      Re: Use Zoom instead

      I’m piloting Teams with a team of ~15 spread around the world, and it seems to be pretty stable. Also the call quality is far better than Skype which is our standard (yes we’re a bit behind). When do the reliability issues come in? Is it when you reach a certain number of participants on the call?

      I also don’t think Zoom is like for like in terms of all the collaboration functionality?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Use Zoom instead

        I hate to come across all "2010" on you, but who really does "collaboration" properly in big businesses? Files live in File Shares, people edit them, track changes, email them, blah blah blah.....getting 'normal' users to adopt all this awesome, new, shiny "collab" tech is all but impossible - they don't care and most are stuck in their ways to the point it's not worth trying.

        But, what people DO really adopt and love to have is crisp, clear, easy to use conf calling with really pretty decent video quality (if you're that way inclined....but we're British, we hate video calls, unless you are in a soft industry like marketing or advertising...)

        In the current climate, using Zoom is the winning solution for businesses of all sizes and their infrastructure is clearly focused on their core technologies of Audio/Video/Telecoms, not the collaboration fluff around the edges that only 15% of users actually consume which is why Teams is creaking and falling over.

  3. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    I find your lack of faith disturbing

    In the article photo, SatNad looks like he's force-choking somebody.

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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