back to article Stuck inside with nothing to do? Apple fires out security fixes for iOS, macOS, wrist-puters... and something weird called iTunes for Windows

Apple has emitted a bundle of security fixes ranging across its product lines. The seven updates address dozens of CVE-listed flaws in the firmware and software components of Cupertino's portables and desktops. Since you're stuck inside by the coronavirus pandemic, now's a great time to get patching. For the flagship iOS, the …

  1. redpawn

    I'm on it

    The best part is they have new Memoji stickers and don't require much of a nasal swab. You never can have too many of those, whatever they are, Memojis that is.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Memoji

      Are Memoji something to do with that weak version of Bucks fizz the Americans drink?

      I'll get my coat

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    iTunes is still a thing ?

    But, we were told that Apple was replacing it and banishing it from its OS.

    I guess it's still good enough for Windows users, though.

    1. monty75

      Re: iTunes is still a thing ?

      Obviously they've already proved themselves to be masochists by running Windows

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    (CVE-2019-19232) that allows commands to be run "as a non-existent user"

    sudo developers disputed it was a bug, although added an option to disable it. But my question is: how a non existent user could run commands? It looks to me there are far deeper issues if it is able to run commands.

    1. jch

      Re: (CVE-2019-19232) that allows commands to be run "as a non-existent user"

      I can only think that if you can run a program as a UID that doesn’t exist on a local machine of some sort you can use that to exploit another machine of some kind.

      I don’t really believe that this is a vulnerability and it certainly doesn’t deserve its CVSS score.

  4. SecretSonOfHG

    iTunes is the new Flash?

    Everyone hates it, everyone can't wait for it to die. Yet there is still people using and needing it.

    1. batfink Silver badge

      Re: iTunes is the new Flash?

      I still use it. I've tried several of the alternatives and none are as convenient, or the ones that are as convenient to use won't play as nicely with all of my music. And running it on the PC is more user-friendly than on mobile devices. Lossless or HBR rips are fine through the attached amp.

      I am, however, mightily pissed off at some of the changes as they try to deprecate it. It was a good, central console for controlling the content on my household's various iDevices. However Apple are now trying to make this more difficult.

      Books are a particular peeve. I put all of my manuals on my mobile devices, as (obviously) the only times I'm ever going to need them are going to be the times when everything has gone to shit and I'm away from the sources. These are all in PDF, which played nicely with all the other books in the Books reader. However the recent changes have made managing PDFs a right PITA, as I can no longer just add them to my central library and have them propagate everywhere I want them. Instead I have to add them individually to each device, often one book at a time. Of course, Apple's response is "the books you've purchased from the iTunes Store will be automatically downloaded to all of your devices". Thank you very much, that's really helpful.

      1. KroSha

        Re: iTunes is the new Flash?

        Stop using iBooks. Get Calibre and Marvin.

        1. batfink Silver badge

          Re: iTunes is the new Flash?

          Have Calibre. Introduces an added layer of faff each time I buy a book. Not tried Marvin though - will check it out, thanks. Any other opinions on it?

  5. BGatez

    itunes for windows? no thanks

  6. TomPhan

    Stuck Inside With Nothing to Do?

    Don't I wish - been WFH for years so nothing has changed and I'm looking in disbelief at all these people saying they're climbing the walls after a week.

    1. stuartnz

      Re: Stuck Inside With Nothing to Do?

      As another longtime WFH here, I'm hoping that NZ's lockdown will FINALLY teach my friends and family that WFH is still W, and that being home != being available. Le sigh!

  7. acupuncture

    Mac Stuck after recent updates

    iMac 2013 27" just updated yesterday and it still has the progress bar and not restarted. What should I do?

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