back to article Where's our software, Langowski? Windows Insider Program gets new leader

In a week that saw ups and downs for collaboration platform Teams, Windows 10 cross the magic billion mark and Apple admit that maybe Microsoft was right about the whole Surface thing, the Redmond gang continues its remote toiling. Window Insiders get a new Dear Leader It's been a while since Dona Sarkar packed her bags and …

  1. chivo243 Silver badge

    My proposal

    Since the team is split, some working remotely, I proposed we hold the morning Meets meeting in our Dude robes!

  2. Sam Adams the Dog

    Developing on the Edge with Kyle Pflug

    If Microsoft Edge Developer Experience was really a 1970s prog rock band, what role would an individual with a name like Kyle Pflug have?

    (a) Lead singer

    (b) Front man

    (c) Manager / Publicity agent

    (d) Roadie

    (e) Bus driver

    (f) Write in your own answer: __________________________

    1. DrBobK

      Re: Developing on the Edge with Kyle Pflug


    2. Cave-Homme

      Re: Developing on the Edge with Kyle Pflug

      Drummer of course.

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