back to article Got your number? Maybe. 118 118 Money shutters website after spotting an intruder

The parent firm of UK directory enquiry service 118 118 has yanked offline its finance division's website after detecting unauthorised access by a person or persons unknown, The Register can reveal. 118 118 Money wrote to personal loans and credit card customers on 23 March to confirm the intrusion, saying in the letter – seen …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge

    Look on the bright side.

    Any money the thieves steal from your bank account is going to be way less than these loan sharks take.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Look on the bright side.

      " interest rates of between 36 and 80 per cent" surly that's usury?

      Worse again, looking at the amounts this is aimed at the poorer end of society.

    2. robidy

      Re: Look on the bright side.

      Maybe the also stole code and/or staff from TalkTalk...sounds like a similar problem.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    118 118

    I read somewhere that their Directory Enquiries service was rather expensive.

  3. Nursing A Semi

    Fee paid to parent company for use of name on every transaction >= profit on said transaction = net loss and no tax liability?

  4. Mike Moyle

    The personal loans business...

    "was launched by US parent group kgb (a privately held, New York-based company) "

    A financial services group, owned by persons unknown, named for a ruthless secretive organization who specialized in subversion, murder, and less savory business practices...

    Well, that doesn't feel sketchy at all.

    1. YetAnotherJoeBlow

      Re: The personal loans business...

      That is the way it is supposed to work.

      1. Kane Silver badge

        Re: The personal loans business...

        It's a feature, not a bug!

  5. anthonyhegedus

    The can crash and burn. They are known for annoying adverts, but primarily for services that are designed to fleece the customer. Some directory enquiries service whose purpose eludes me, especially when enquiries cost £10 a go, and some loan-shark activities from their loan-shark division, 118 118 Money.

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