back to article Workday will PaaS up the opportunity to open its platform to third parties

Workday, the cloud-based Human Capital Management (HMC) and financial application company, is soft-peddling on the prospect of opening up its platform to third-party vendors. In October 2017, at the company's "Rising" conference, founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri said that the PaaS would debut in early 2018. It would "become a …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "taking a cautious approach to product development"

    What ? But that's not how you do things these days ! You go Agile, you Scrum around and create lots and lots of functionality that you break fast and often ! You make sure that your customers are regularly complaining about stuff because that means that dialog is well and alive !

    In the old days, programmers would hole up for months and years, carefully crafting a monolith of functionalities that, when released, would work out of the box with only minor adjustments needed. In the old days, nobody knew who was working on the project because nobody ever saw them ; they were in their office, coding.

    But that's not how it's done anymore. These days you engage with the customer, you meet to explain why what broke and how the next release will not only correct that issue but include new things that are broken. Then you meet again, after release, to explain that the issue is not solved because a side-channel in the new functionalities is having an unforeseen effect that the next release will correct for, as well as correcting the new broken stuff and adding yet more stuff that nobody asked for that won't work anyway.

    That's how developers have become visible, and that's important to show everyone that they are working. Of course, meanwhile nobody else gets to work because the tools are broken, but hey, the developers are working.

  2. anatom


    Pandemic as a Service?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    After dealing with Interfaces to their system for about a 8 months (hardened sap Freelance veteran here) I didn’t get the feeling they had a cohesive vision when cobbling the specific hr modules together. You know that feeling you have when you see the code of the same module programmed with new features by different teams from different nations every 3-4 years? That’s the one!

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