back to article Analyst calls it: This is the 'biggest fall ever in the history of the worldwide smartphone market'

February 2020 saw "the biggest fall ever in the history of the worldwide smartphone market" as sales tumbled 38 per cent year-on-year, according to researchers at Strategy Analytics. Units fell from 99.2 million to 61.8 million due - in no small way - to the collapse of demand, particularly in Asia, as "many consumers were …

  1. SkippyBing

    Did anyone pay the analysts for this work? Because I'm pretty sure the upcoming down turn in the global economy is more predictable than things go badly for the natives when British explorers turned up.

    1. Denarius Silver badge

      tedious self hate again

      Better pom explorers than anyone else.

      1. EVP

        Re: tedious self hate again

        Except they probably got it wrong. China ordered speedily an authoritarian lockdown. The west is following democratic procedures, and thus can act more slowly. I recon it’ll make the peak part wider, i.e. the misery will last longer than 3 monts. If I may ask, don’t shoot the messenger.

        Instead browsing POM info, I recommend analysts to stick to browsing PORN. Everybody would be better off.

        Stay safe.

        (We need a loo roll icon)

    2. Chris G Silver badge

      "Did anyone pay the analysts for this work?"

      I sincerely hope not because they are merely stating the bleedin' obvious given the current situation.

      It's a fair bet nothing much will be happening anywhere before the end of April and then we will all be trying to figure out how to pay the bills. That is to say all of them from those whose income has suffered due to layoffs up to those who have printed Trillions of dollars to pay for not reacting to a pandemic probably until it's too late.

      April is optimistic, maybe the pandemic will be under control by then but I suspect the World economy won't be.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    5G Fail

    All the mobile marketing departments told us we need 5G now. 5G is "here" but not working yet. mmWave is a failure and phones have NR band compatibility issues. I know of only one phone that is fully compatible with my carrier's low/mid bands but it won't work if I travel out of North America. It's not inspiring.

  3. chivo243 Silver badge

    Apple cart upset?

    First Apple limits the amount of phones one can buy at a time, then flops back? Someone forgot to count the phones in Tim's garage?

    1. rcxb Silver badge

      Re: Apple cart upset?

      iPhones are apparently the opposite of milk... I could previously buy more than two of those, but no longer.

  4. Denarius Silver badge

    and in breaking news

    water is wet. {S} Almost all Android phones are boring clones of each other with mostly same irritations and varying only in insufficiencies of battery, repairability, unpatched vulnerabilities and screen visibility. What else would one expect when market saturates ? Adding the current newish bug discouraging consumerism by applying basic poverty what else could be expected ? Once people are back at work I do forecast a leap in battery sales and a small increase because the bored idle will have used their phones to point of reasonable replacement.

    As for Apple, I suspect mostly the same.

  5. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    the history of smart phone market

    I must ask whether we are counting according to Sark TLD rules. In other words, does the history of the smart phone market go back 450 years, or only 20?

    1. EVP

      Re: the history of smart phone market

      What’s Sark TLD rules?

      Anyway, the history of the smart phone is in fact more that 500 years old. Haven’t you seen an early sketch by Leonardo da Vinci? It features almost all functionality of the modern smartie. He couldn’t foresee memojis.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: the history of smart phone market

        It is said that Leonardo da Vinci invented the first telephone.

        However it wasn't any use until Alexander Graham Bell(*) invented the second one; and when he tried to call up Lenny, he found he'd been dead for 300 years.

        (*) Surely the best example of nominative determinism ever

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