back to article Russian state-sponsored hackers have been sniffing Middle East defence firms, warns Trend Micro

The Russian hacking crew known variously as APT28, Fancy Bear and Pawn Storm has been targeting defence companies with Middle Eastern outposts, according to Trend Micro. A new report from the threat intel firm says that the Russian state-backed hacking outfit went on a spree of targeting defence firms in the Middle East back …

  1. Zolko

    Capt'ain Obvious

    State-backed spies spying on foreign defence contractors ... well, they would do that, wouldn't they ? Why is it even worth mentioning ?

    Next news: USAF has burnt kerosene for flight trainings and increased air-pollution.

    1. jgarbo

      Re: Capt'ain Obvious

      Outrageous! We all know that spying in the Middle East is done only by the NSA & GCHQ. Cheeky Ruskies...

      1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

        Re: Capt'ain Obvious

        Why hasn't the NSA filed a copyright lawsuit against Russia over their theft of EternalBlue.

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