back to article Philippines sends all workers home, outsourced call centres for Acer and telcos suffer degraded service

The government of the Philippines has introduced “enhanced community quarantine” rules that restrict movement and have therefore depleted the ranks of workers in the nation’s flotilla of contact centres. One result is customer service degradation in other countries. As explained on the nation’s Presidential newswire, “The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's not forget Virgin Media

    Should be interesting for Virgin Media as 90% of their call centre staff are outsourced, with probably 70% of that in the phillipines.

    Especially mobile who have entire departments there. Shame they got rid of thousands of their UK staff so they could provide a shoddier, but much cheaper, service abroad ?

    1. robidy

      Re: Let's not forget Virgin Media

      Man I feel sorry for those people, it was already understaffed.

      Where does that annual price rise know that one you see even when you get a new 12 month "deal"?

      Perhaps El Reg could do a where's Wally^h my money going story?

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    A disease for the rich

    "less well-off Filipinos don’t come into contact with those who travel"

    Wow. I know I have zero chance of passing a billionaire in the street, but there's a lot of millionaires and I have to have stepped next to one at some point in my life. I sometimes wonder if I'm not living next to one.

    That's one serious level of social segregation over there.

    1. DavCrav

      Re: A disease for the rich

      "That's one serious level of social segregation over there."

      It's also false. Without other measures, SARS-CoV-2 will spread through Phillipines like it would any other country. Just because someone in a shantytown doesn't meet a high-flying businessman, they will meet the restaurant workers and cleaners of the places the businessman goes to.

      1. Cardinal

        Re: A disease for the rich

        Sex tourists have probably already had a pretty good chance of rubbing shoulders(?) with (bar) girls in Manilla though and that will have been an additional local risk vector I imagine.

  3. Pangasinan Philippines

    We are in (almost) total lock-down in Manila. only essential services working.

    No public transport, Shopping malls only opening their supermarkets, drug stores and medical facilities.

    Only one person per household allowed inside to go shopping. All of the other stores and restaurants/eating places (over 140 of these in our local mall) are closed as are the 10 cinemas, bowling alley and ice skating rink.

    Only air flights are for repatriation in and out.

    It's very quiet. When I walk the dogs there are only a few people walking or jogging in our 'village'.

    Some housing areas have even banned that as they have higher density housing.

    At least we have full fibre internet to keep our minds active.

    1. Cardinal

      @Pangasinan Philippines

      I saw a TV programme in the UK fairly recently (pre-corona) which followed the actions of a police anti-drug squad in the poorer areas of one or two Philippine cities, though I can't now remember which cities. Might have been just about a particular police chief. What I DID notice however was how very crowded, and with many narrow lanes and alleys, some of those poorer neighbourhoods were.

      Strikes me now that if this virus gets loose in those areas, then control of it is going to be VERY difficult indeed.

      It presumably will help in times like this that you currently have a President like Duterte with a strong authoritarian bias.

      Clouds and silver linings? - Depending on your politics perhaps.

      p.s. Must be nice to have full fibre internet - I only have access to full fibre branflakes alas.

      1. Pangasinan Philippines

        There is a free food process.

        The aim is to deliver food to residences, but the mob crowd around the town hall with no thought for social distances.

        Most people I know 'get it' and keep their distance. Wearing a mask may not be of much use, boot it sends a message to people nearby.

        I can't understand why bars and restaurants are still open in the UK.

        Here they are all closed in the malls with only a few street side places opening.

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