back to article Vimeo freezes accounts after malware hunts for logins, coronavirus map app infected with evil code, and more

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. It's time for another Reg roundup of security news you may have missed. Hackers raid coronavirus-hit cruise operator, lift people's personal data Carnival, operator of coronavirus-hit Princess Cruises as well as the Holland America Line, admitted this month it was hacked between …

  1. Halfmad

    Dig deep, dig quickly

    There's a lot of normally bad news being buried at the moment.. It's a good time to own up to stupid mistakes over customer data.

  2. X5-332960073452

    $Deity Crap !

    "Comcast is said to be offering the exposed customers $100m worth of credits."

    Is that each or shared?

    Nice to see someone actually offering some decent redress ;-)

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: $Deity Crap !

      Shared ;)


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