back to article Look ma, no code: TigerGraph looks to attract wider audience for niche-but-growing DB segment

Graph database upgrades are like buses. First Neo4j updated its wares, and now TigerGraph has pushed out new features it hopes will appeal to a broader range of enterprise folk. The thinking behind the latest release from TigerGraph is that its own graph database - and graph DBs in general - might have more traction if they …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No code means no query optimisation - again

    Am I the only person sick of these snake oil salesman who once a generation come up with a product which 'frees' the business from needing to talk to people who understand the horribly complicated data structures that underpin legacy applications.

    Amongst the wonderful experiences I have had were being forced to make a sysadmin create an oracle user so that the new wonderland could suck data out directly from our production system. That lasted a day. Watch another wonder-machine go from 30 second query responses to over 4 hours in two weeks as it began to aggregate production levels of data and having to restart a production service supporting 1500 concurrent users because another tool caused a deadly embrace on a key real time interface table. Oh and not to forget the report which stopped picking up new sales details because they were using a table which 'looked right' but had actually been deprecated.

    Yeah who needs experts.

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