back to article Yanking on the space supply chain: Rocket Lab goes Interplanetary with Sinclair acquisition

Flinger of small satellites Rocket Lab has made a move to tighten up its supply chain with the acquisition of Toronto-based Sinclair Interplanetary. The deal will see Rocket Lab pick up the satellite hardware maker for an undisclosed sum. Founded by Doug Sinclair in 2001, the company is focused on hardware aimed at micro or …

  1. ArrZarr Silver badge

    Almost 40 years after the rivalry between Electron and Sinclair started, it's nice to see them working together finally.

  2. jake Silver badge

    "Sadly, no room for a ZX Spectrum on the way to the Moon"

    Physically, the ZX was smaller and much lighter than the AGC, so there would be room ... sadly, however, it was somewhat lacking in the memory department, to say nothing of the lack of radiation hardening ...

    1. Francis Boyle


      if Elon can launch a roadster into space surely they can manage a C5.

  3. jake Silver badge

    Scotland launch site?

    'Tis a trifle too far to the North for commercial success, methinks ...

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Scotland launch site?

      For some inclinations it's too far north and doesn't have a clear down range to the east, Scandinavians might object. For Polar orbits it has a better downrange than Cornwall, who can annoy both Wales and Ireland at the same time. Maybe some types of mission that use a carrier aircraft as first stage.

      Cornwall has even less options.

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Scotland launch site?


      2. Muscleguy

        Re: Scotland launch site?

        My understanding is that populations in the Faroes and Iceland are the problem, not greater Scandinavia which would also put mainland Scotland into the firing range as the ranges are in the West, not the East.

        Mind you if we wipe out the Faroes with a rocket they can't beat us in a Euro qualifier again . . .

  4. Roger Kynaston


    What price a spectrum? Or a C5?

  5. SVV

    Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia.

    This will seem a bad choice of location to all fans of nominative determinism.

    1. Muscleguy

      Re: Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia.

      Not been in the Salisbury area much then. Approaching from the East you are presented with a sign simply saying The Wallops. Note Nether Wallops is one of the group of hamlets.

  6. noisy_typist
    Black Helicopters

    Rocket picture

    Rockets look way more menacing when you lay them on their side.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Rocket picture

      They look even more menacing when you're looking up at the end labeled "this side down". Even when you know there is no fuel on board yet ...

    2. Muscleguy

      Re: Rocket picture

      There's one on its side in front of their Auckland base, on a side road very near Auckland airport. I assume it is just a shell and has no hardware in it.

  7. freddagg

    We have to launch a pavlova into space on one of these rockets before those Ozzie's steal the idea, again...

    1. Muscleguy

      I think launch the pav without cracking it should be THE standard in smooth rocket launches. A pav, creamless sadly, is also largely air so relatively light to launch.

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