back to article Hackers? Leap day? Nope, just plain old internet hysteria took down stock-trading-for-noobs app RobinHood

An app, dubbed RobinHood, designed for armchair Gordon Gekkos to trade shares and crypto-currencies with ease, fell offline for two days this week – after netizens flooded it hoping to exploit stock-market wobbles over the coronavirus epidemic. Or so we're told. On Tuesday, amid the multi-day outage and growing speculation on …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are people really that stupid?

    Are criminals just being so overt these days, naming the app after a common thief? They might as well be called fly by night operations.

    1. Sgt_Oddball

      Re: Are people really that stupid?

      Yeah.... Bodge it and Scarper was already taken...

    2. iron Silver badge

      Re: Are people really that stupid?

      Yeah I can't believe anyone would trust their money to an app named after Robin Hood.

      What's next a Ronnie Biggs train ticket app?

    3. Stevie
  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Why do they need their own DNS ?

    They're dealing with people over the Internet, which already has DNS available. What's the point of creating their own DNS server ?

    How is that supposed to help them manage their customers (it didn't) ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why do they need their own DNS ?

      If it trades in cryptocurrencies, maybe it needs to be able to resolve some "dark web" addresses on alternate roots?

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Good point. At least, until I went and read about the Dark Web, and found this site which states that "The dark web is a part of the internet that isn't indexed by search engines ".

        It's still a part of the internet, therefor it is taken into account by DNS servers.

        But your take on this is still plausible - maybe they want to limit the amount of visible DNS requests by handling it themselves.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Depends on how you define the term. Some parts of the "dark web" simply aren't indexed, some are only resolvable via alternate roots, and some are only accessible via services like Tor.

    2. andyL71

      Re: Why do they need their own DNS ?

      They may have hosted their own zone, on their own DNS. That isn't uncommon. It looks like their name servers are now on AWS.

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    I believe the overload

    Like toilet paper supplies, some stocks are crashing with no explanation. I reloaded my trading account with a little money to play the game.

    If anything good comes from the panic, it might be ordinary people making some money off the glitches and panics of predictive financial systems.

  4. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Never ascribe to malice, blah, blah, blah.

    Okay. It is certainly believable that these people are just idiots. But they are playing in a space with staggering amounts of fraud, and have chosen a name with deliberate appeal to suckers. The feds need to dig into this one. Hopefully, they are just idiots.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's always DNS

    Too much traffic took down the DNS server? Good lord, DNS is the easiest Internet service to scale. It's so easy, *I* have done it correctly, and I'm a hack of a former part-time admin.

  6. W.S.Gosset


    I'm reminded of a presentation at uni at the time by Head of IT for the ASX Australian Stock Exchange.

    It went fully electronic (first in the world) in 1987, in an all-or-nothing big-bang overnight Live cutover. Same day, the global market crashed — Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong by 40%.

    He was somewhere between quietly proud and chuffed when he said he likes to say re the project: "The market crashed but we didn't."

  7. Lord of Fries

    The 3 phases of network problem solving

    The 3 phases of problem solving in 90% of network issues.

    It not DNS problem!

    It can't be a DNS problem!

    It was a DNS problem!

    1. KarMann Silver badge

      Re: The 3 phases of network problem solving

      So, a Did Not Scale problem has gone Total Inability To Support UDP Port53.

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