back to article Motorola bounds out the G8 with a harder, better, faster smartphone for the thrifty

Motorola has confirmed its latest budget blower, the Moto G8, following last year's well-received G7 and it brings faster silicon, a larger screen, and ditches the dreaded notch for a more discrete hole-punch camera. As with previous G-series phones, the G8 ships with an almost completely bloatware-free version of Android, …

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  2. Matthew Smith

    I've had a G8 Plus since last year and I'm very happy with it. No bloatware, excellent battery, ample fast enough for my none-gaming needs. Its a bit odd that the vanilla G8 is being released now, with both a bigger screen and yet lower resolution. Otherwise the vanilla options seems mostly the same as the Plus.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    around the £250 mark

    interesting. I might look it again in about... well, perhaps in 7-10 years' time, when my current, 4-year old, 2nd hand mobile gets too dated, or gets lost or something.

  4. RSW

    Why bigger and bigger?

    Why are they insisting on going bigger and bigger with screen size

    I want a mobile I can put in my pocket and still tie my shoe laces!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why bigger and bigger?

      >Why are they insisting on going bigger and bigger with screen size I want a mobile I can put in my pocket and still tie my shoe laces!

      Is that a Samsung QLED TV in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me ?

    2. Ken 16 Bronze badge
      Thumb Up

      There are a few cute Chinese models I'd like to check out


      Do a search for "Melrose","Unihertz" and "i9s" to find a few and then spin off from there.

      There are still a few small phones. I haven't yet found one that ticks all my boxes (4g, NFC, fingerprint, 16:9 display, <100g) but I'm hopeful.

  5. Martin an gof Silver badge

    Not convinced about "budget"...

    ...given that Motorola makes some pretty decent phones under £150.

    The G8 series is on the Motorola website:


    G8 Power £220

    G8 Plus £240

    Based on the other two and the fact that the Plus models have previously tended to be the more expensive in the range, the plain G8 might slot in at £230. Or maybe not.


    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Not convinced about "budget"...

      Thanks for the links! If you scroll down slightly, there's a must-have feature pictured on the right, just below "Low Light Sensitivity."

  6. mdava

    Hits the sweet spot

    The Moto G series seems to offer the best balance of features and value for money to me (how people can countenance spending >£1,000 on a phone is incomprehensible to me).

    I am a convert to the range and have recommended it to various people, the only thing preventing me from getting a G8 being the fact that my G5 keeps on doing all the things that I expect it to. The only reason to upgrade might be that (after several years of very regular updates, for which I give Moto much credit) they seem to have stopped updating the firmware for the G5.

    1. andy gibson

      Re: Hits the sweet spot

      I know how you feel. I'm going to have a play with flashing my G5 with TWRP and one of the custom ROMs out there first.

  7. sofaspud

    I bought a G7 Power last year and have been seriously impressed with it. I'm not at all ready to upgrade yet -- the G7 is working just fine, thanks! -- but if I were, the experience I've had with the G7 would absolutely steer me towards a G8.

    The "bloatware-free" bit is really the kicker for me. I used to buy Samsung (after I stopped being able to rely on HTC, anyway) and ye gods but Samsung is awful about bloatware. The G7 didn't come with any, that I can think of -- I didn't even have to uninstall Facebook, as it wasn't there to begin with! (My Samsung had it as a system app that I couldn't remove.)

    Definitely keeping my eye on these, and I'd love to see a full Reg review. Hopefully they send over a review kit. :)

  8. nightflame2

    Not progress


    Moto G8 = HD+ (1560×720) - 269 ppi

    Moto G7 = 1080 x 2270 pixels, 19:9 ratio (~405 ppi density)

    Moto G4 = Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~401 ppi density)

    Given the G8 is bigger as well, those pixels are really going to stand out.

    I guess there must be a market for heavy long phones with poor resolution that are worse than the previous versions of over 4 years ago.

    The G8 Power sells for £219, this G8 with those specs is going to need to sell well under £200 especially if you look at the rivals.

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: Not progress

      Yes because dpi on a small screen is SO important.

      Hold on I need to swing my willy out as I have a 600000 gigapixel camera. Pictures look shit but wow look at that number of pixels!

    2. AIBailey

      Re: Not progress

      Apple have been slapping the "Retina Display" moniker on anything down to about 220ppi. At that resolution, it is possible to just about make out individual pixels, but at 269ppi on this handset, you're exaggerating somewhat to say that the pixels will "stand out".

    3. Piro Silver badge

      Re: Not progress

      motorola droid turbo = 5.2", 2560x1440, came out in 2014

      That said, I personally just am fine with 1280x720 at 5" inch or less. So hard to find these days

  9. Sloppy Crapmonster

    Moto seems to be the way to go

    I don't ever want to spend $1000 on a tech bauble again. My wife bought a G7 Plus last year with the insurance check we received after her previous phone died. It does what she wants it to do and it seems to be a really nice device. I can't tell if it's supported by lineageos or not, but it doesn't seem like we need to take that step because the stock android install seems to be pretty much unfucked.

    I'm still using a OnePlus One, but it can't last forever. If Motorola can keep this up, they're certainly on my list of replacements.

    1. firu toddo

      Re: Moto seems to be the way to go

      You're spot on. Wife's G7 power replaced her old G4, no more updates and a dying battery. For 139GBP it really is an excellent bit of kit.

      My 3T is losing battery performance now and when I replace it a MOTO G series will defo be in the frame.The 7T at 550GBP looks a bit pricey by comparison. Despite the great OS support from OnePlus (I've gone all the way to Android 9) I still cringe at the 350 quid premium over a MOTO G.

      I know the 7T has a better spec/memory/camera etc but in real life does it make that much difference?

  10. GBE

    I love Moto G phones

    My first G was under $200 (retail, unlocked, at Best Buy). My current G5+ was a bit more, but still _way_ less than any iPhone or "flagship" Android. I picked out other G models for my parents. I love the "vanilla" Android. Updates are prompt and never seem to cause problems.

    I'm also a fan of the Moto X pure. I just replaced the battery in a 5 year old X-pure, and it's working great — though sadly it's no longer getting updates.

  11. cosymart

    No NFC

    Just looked at the spec on the website and there is a big NO next to NFC, that's sad. I find a phone great for contactless payments.

    1. Sheddyone

      Re: No NFC

      NFC not on the Power either, but it is on the Plus, so that's the one I'll be getting later in the year (or more likely wait for the G9).

    2. Noel Morgan

      Re: No NFC

      I agree - no NFC no sale.

      I use it for connecting to a diabetic scanner, the freestyle libre. I can't understand why a phone at >£200 cant have this feature.

  12. Klaus

    Am I such a dinosaur? My Moto G (2nd gen) is still ticking along great, although the battery is starting to get dated and not charging so well these days. Maybe about time for an upgrade!

  13. Big_Boomer

    The Moto G phones seem to jump in and out of being good value for money. My 3rd Gen Moto G still works fine (Android 6, 1GB RAM) but with the Android updates to the built in apps it will soon run out of internal storage (8GB). I replaced it with a Huawei Honor 9 a couple of years ago as the current Moto G at the time was overpriced w.r.t. the Honor but when this starts to struggle the Moto G's will be in the hunt for my replacement, especially since the recent Huawei witch hunt has prevented them from using Google Play. That said, if the Huawei AppGallery carries on like it currently is, it may soon become a better option than Google Play.

  14. Aoyagi Aichou

    Moto mods

    I'm still disappointed the whole Moto mods business didn't take off. Can't think of a more innovative feature in phones since they started having an actual operating system, actually... There was also that Bullitt-built Land Rover phone with slide-on accessories as well.

    This G8 is just another run-of-the-mill smartphone - HW specs spreadsheet with a price sticker.

  15. ItsMeDammit

    Still with the visible screen defect...

    I quite like the Moto phones too, I've got an Amazon exclusive G6 on the go at the moment and I am very pleased with it. Sure, it isn't as fast as the Samsung S8 it replaced (I see a bit of lag updating my huge list of podcasts on it, but that's about it) but it was a fraction of the cost and doesn't have a curved screen that I never really liked despite the reviewers all raving over it at the time.

    This brings me on to the hole punch in the screen on this new phone. I can't stand notches or holes in the display - there was a time that if a display had a huge defective area that was always black out of the box you would have sent it back. OK, I've never taken a "selfie" so perhaps I'm not the target audience, but are people really so vain that they will tolerate a bad design for their own narcissism ? It's all to do with bigger screens on the same footprint but in my mind it's a solution to a problem that shouldn't have been engineered in in the first place. I don't buy it - literally.

    1. Trilkhai

      Re: Still with the visible screen defect...

      When I finally decided to upgrade from my Moto E4 last summer, I went with a Moto G6 (Amazon exclusive without the Amazon cruft) because it didn't have the hideous notch the much-more-expensive G7 models did. The hole in the G8 looks like it could feasibly be small enough to not annoy me too much, IF it wasn't off in the corner, which does make it look a bit like a defect now that you mention it. I wouldn't pay anywhere near that much for one, though; my budget is closer to the $130 I spent for my E4 and G6.

  16. Gerry 3

    Style over substance?

    Does it have an FM radio, preferably DAB/DAB+ as well? Does it have a user replaceable battery? Will it have updates for at least a decade? These are all basics I'd expect but I doubt it'll have any of them, let alone all.

    1. JetSetJim

      Re: Style over substance?

      The only phone I've heard of with DAB is the LG Stylus 2. As to user replaceable battery and decades of updates, can't say any phone does that any more (unless the user is confident with a spudger for the battery).

      I guess you'll be phoneless (or running a very old phone) for a while

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