back to article If Tesco was prodded and probed by hackers, your data could be being flogged for just £2.70 – research

Data stolen from Tesco clubcards could be resold for just £2.70 a pop, reckons a price-comparison website that appears to have strayed into the dark web. Earlier this week Tesco revealed that data from 600,000 Clubcards, its loyalty programme, had potentially been accessed by miscreants in what sounds like a credential …

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  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Wait a minute

    "For less than £750 criminals can access not only your bank details, but online shopping, social media and email information too"

    Well, okay, but criminals are generally intent on making money, not spending it. If they have to outlay some expenses beforehand, it has to mean that they intend to make a lot of money off your life, and even if there are quite a few millionaires around, there isn't one in every town. So the criminals are going to have to filter out the poor to get to the profiles that are actually interesting to plunder. At £750 a pop, it's an expensive undertaking.

    1. CountCadaver Silver badge

      Re: Wait a minute

      Not if they use purloined funds changed into crypto currency to pay for it.....

  3. IGotOut Silver badge

    I'm impressed

    "Money Guru claimed the average Briton's entire online identity could be bought for "less than £750".

    There was me thinking the likes of Equifax, BA, Cathy Pacific, Yahoo and Talk Talk gave all this away for free these days.

  4. The Nazz

    Supermarket slogans eh?

    Please correct me if i'm wrong, or not entirely accurate, but ....

    Once Upon a Time there was a small supermarket chain trading by the name of Lion Stores (*) which had the slogan "The Customer is King."

    I repeat "The CUSTOMER is KING."

    Eventually becoming part of Hillards Supermarkets PLC, which in 1987, got taken over by ......


    Has anyone yet copyrighted "The customer is now a cash cow"?

    (*) yep, complete with a pair of stone Lion figurines outside their Head Office.

    1. Claverhouse Silver badge

      Re: Supermarket slogans eh?

      If they changed their Brand Name they deserved to die.


      (1970: from Lion Stores to Hillards. )

  5. Charles Augustus Milverton

    I don't think I care. The great, omnipotent, all seeing, club card computer, after 10+ years. still hasn't worked out that I have never learned to drive, and have never owned a car, and that discount vouchers for 5p of a litre of fuel is not really much use to me. Buy all the data you like about me, and I can assure you, you are buying lies !

  6. PeteS46


    Very little helps.

    (Tesco's staff forum!)

  7. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Every quarter I get about £1.20 back as a little posted coupon.

    Is this at risk ?

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