back to article Mirantis gros fromage quits to start new 'private LTE' biz on open-access spectrum

The co-founder of Kubernetes cloud outfit Mirantis, Boris Renski, has left the business to start a new venture focused on 5G-based "private LTE" campus networks. Speaking to The Register about his move, Renski explained a little about the technology and his decision to take a punt on it. At the heart of his move is the …

  1. Roger Greenwood

    Citizen band

    I do hope they use 19 as the calling channel, just for old times sake.

  2. Blane Bramble

    Shouldn't they be called WiFreedom not FreedomFi?

  3. StargateSg7

    802.11ax? Don't Call Me Elderly, Shirley!

    Surely You Jest!

    How many of you PEEWEE YOUNGSTERS get the reference?


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