1. Sanctimonious Prick
    Black Helicopters

    The Right To Know

    OK you smart-ass journalists...

    Politicians the world over are making life really hard for journalists. I think it's about time journalists turn the table.

    How about journalists just put a complete blanket ban on reporting/interviewing politicians?

    Just stop it completely.

    Politicians rely on teevee and print media to get their message across - screw them!

    Ban them! Ban politics from journalism altogether! Flick 'em! They deserve nothing!

  2. Sanctimonious Prick

    Raid Your Own

    In Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC - where a lot of news is reported)(wholly Australian Government funded) offices were raided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

    The AFP also raided a (commercial) newspaper journalist's home at around the same time.

    The information gathered by the AFP from the ABC includes information about informants, secure sources, whistle-blowers! F*ck, man! We're screwed if we let this continue.

    Crikey! Look at Assange. He's f*cked! Agree with him or not - he is NOT getting a fair hearing. FFS!

    You. World! I'm coming after you!

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