back to article Salesforce's revolving door spins amid shopping spree: Co-CEO out, BT alumnus G-Patz up, Vlocity slurped

Lose a chief executive officer, promote a chairman and buy a company: that's how they roll at cloud-based CRM monster Overshadowing its fourth-quarter results, which were rosy enough, confirmed the departure of co-CEO Keith Block. After joining from Oracle in 2013, Block became chief operating …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    The executive merry-go-round continues

    This is our version of People, or Vanity Fair. We follow the hallowed lives of individuals that "manage thousands of employees" and have experience with the upper management of billion-dollar companies, knowing that we will never attain those lofty heights.

    But that club has the same admission rules as the Jet Set : you just need to know the right people (which I don't, obviously). Given the abject failures of some of them (eh, TSB ?), it's obviously not a question of competence.

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