back to article Data science pusher Dataiku hooks arms with NATO on battlefield AI contract

Data science platform Dataiku is teaming up with military alliance NATO to create a system to help it build and "deploy" AI projects. The deal with NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT) aims to use Dataiku's tech and data scientists to solve some of the most "challenging use cases in the field", NATO said, vaguely, …

  1. Robert Grant Silver badge

    I didn't really understand the Google outcry. Defence is important, and I don't think it should be considered unethical by default.

    Having said that, more accountability is always better for such things, so perhaps the ethical framework gives US citizens a stick to beat with if and when the AI or the data handling is done inappropriately.

    1. HildyJ Silver badge

      Ethical military? Please.

      Google dropped Maven because it was focused on analyzing drone footage in real time and it would be a small step to self targeted drones.

      As far as DoD's ethical statement, I don't believe it any more than NSA's ethical statement. It's just PR which will be ignored the first time "situational parameters" or "changing threat levels" or "operational factors" make it useful to ignore it.

      And if you think they will tell public when they "had to" cross the line, you truly are dreaming.

  2. Robert Helpmann??

    Poh-tay-toh, Puh-dict-uh-bull

    In an incredibly prescient imaginary scenario, participants were asked to assist in the control of a disease outbreak in a landlocked country.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing incredible about this. Scenarios of this nature are used because this exact sort of thing happened in the past and had catastrophic results.

  3. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Interesting list of competitors

    Last time I dd the Data Science IDE/Deployment tool shop around neither Talend, IBM or Teradata were on my list whilst Anaconda, Knime, RabidMiner and DataRobot were. Talend was a decent ETL tool last time I checked.

    Am I being pedantic or have IBM and Teradata been shopping? Gawd knows they need to if they want to any relevance in this space.

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