back to article We know what you did last summer: MGM's hotel spinoff lost 10.7m guest records and now they're on hacker forums

Casino and hotel chain MGM Resorts lost almost 10.7 million guest records last summer, including the data of Jack Dorsey and Justin Bieber, which was duly posted to hacker forums. According to soon-to-be-launched leak tracker Under the Breach, which spotted the post this week, the records included email addresses along with …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge

    Well clearly...

    It was far easier to navigate the cloud server than the casino floor.

  2. sanmigueelbeer

    Like sharks circling a carcass

    Divorce lawyers are waiting in anticipation ... Happy days are here to stay!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Hackers are drooling

    Just what they need - contact information for 10.7m suckers.

    1. MachDiamond Silver badge

      Re: Hackers are drooling

      It's another set of data points on people. Las Vegas is also a very big spot for conventions and conferences. It's not just about gambling and adult entertainment.

      If you get a name, DOB, rewards card number, etc, you might be able to access the club accounts. If you are a paparazzi and want to know where a celebrity stays when they are in a certain town, this sort of list can be very handy if they choose MGM hotels to rack up or use up reward points.

      MGM is a big hotel chain and lots of prominent people stay with them. A list from Motel 6 or Travelodge isn't going to yield the same sort of quality.

  4. tin 2

    10.7 million = limited?

  5. Halfmad

    The important question remains unanswered.

    Was the confidentiality of customer data of utmost important to them and did they take information security very seriously. Without those hollow words I won't be reassured.

  6. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Loyalty Club

    I had to stay in the grey low ceilinged jail that is the MGM Grand while working a trade show last summer. I recall they were pimping a "Players Club" thing pretty hard on check in. I passed on the deal, but the sorts of details they are talking about here could be from that loyalty club...

    My 4th floor room had a great view of a dumpster in an alley and was only slightly larger than the bed that filled it. Miserable place..then again, if you are going to Vegas they don't want you hanging out in your room...

  7. John_3_16

    Las Vegas? Really? People still going there?

    I used to love Vegas. Once or twice a year. 9/11 changed that for me. Once the wait time & security lines became 4 hours plus, I lost interest in flying. Only got worse. Strip searches & fees on everything. Amazing how many folks now accept being charged for the privilege of paying the bill. Rude employees, forced incarceration on waiting planes, kid sized seats, etc., etc. And code that crashes the plane for you, no pilot involvment allowed.

    Proliferation of casinos & other gambling sites online & brick & mortar kind of hurt all those trips to the Nevada Desert. I understand the appeal to politicians & celebs trying to hide other "habits" from the eyes of the ever hungry viewing public. Bunnies & such. Tiger Woods can tell you a thing or two about that.

    For me, it has become more of a pleasure to read about the troubles experienced by others than to participate in them myself. Cheaper, too. :D

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