back to article Google Cloud embraces GitOps with new Application Manager for Kubernetes

Google's new Application Manager, now in beta, is geared toward simplifying setting up GitOps with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as the target platform. GitOps is the idea that developers include a definition of the infrastructure required to deploy an application in a repository alongside the application code. Devs can then …

  1. macjules Silver badge

    Bye GitLab AutoDevops?

    Just spent several months developing a GitLab Auto DevOps strategy to do exactly this. So glad to know that I can do it directly in to GKE.

    Now, about that incredibly complicated gitlab-ci.yml file ...

  2. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    I'd be interested to know

    ... how it compares against WeaveWorks Flux

  3. terabyte

    What about helm?

    I thought helm charts were designed to do this, in a none vendor lock-in way.

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