back to article Stuffing nonsense: Persistent cyberpunks are pummelling banks' public APIs, warns Akamai

Financial services firms' public APIs are becoming the target du jour for internet ne'er-do-wells, reckons Akamai, which also said that one of its customers was firehosed with 55 million malicious login attempts last summer. The web services 'n' security biz said, in a report released today, that three-quarters of all …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The dangers of youth, eh ?

    Going back, the way this was dealt with physically, by some banks, was to introduce a physical barrier - a lobby - between the outside world and the internal systems. Entrance to the lobby did not require access to back office systems but did keep out a high number of otherwise wannabe miscreants.

    So how can that be rolled into a virtual landscape ?

    (That's a rhetorical question, by the way. The solution is out there waiting for someone to ask the question.)

  2. DontFeedTheTrolls Silver badge

    You did all read the T&Cs on the banking apps that said you take sole responsibility if you want to use the Open Banking APIs to give you "access to all your bank accounts from one App", didn't you?

  3. GnuTzu Silver badge

    API management seems to be the term du jour, with Google's offering being Apigee (not that I know all that much about it). Web services would reasonably need all the traditional security tools that a web server on the Internet should have. But, these are being expanded and enhanced for web services (though, there are surely others more knowledgeable about this than I).

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