back to article US court responds to Chinese comms giant sueball: There's no Huawei we're lifting ban on federal agencies using your kit

An American court has rejected Huawei's constitutional challenge to a US law that bans federal agencies and contractors from buying and using the Chinese firm's telecoms equipment. The decision [PDF], handed down yesterday by Texas judge Amos Mazzant, at the East Texas District Court, concluded that Congress had acted within …

  1. Kabukiwookie Silver badge

    "tailors the covered equipment to the types of technology that pose a risk of being disrupted by 'hostile actors' who engage in cyber-attacks and -espionage."

    But the US would be the first to cry foul if this same reasoning would be applied by other countries for equipment and services produced in the US, which are now well known to do the same thing of which the US accuses. Huawei of doing without actually providing any tangiie evidence.

  2. ken jay

    we are all responsible for our own security, plus we have already exposed our data to all and sundry already. if huawei had backdoors or infact anything at all non standard our security professionals would find it anyway.

    does this mean we can ban all usa equipment that we know the cia and fbi have been caught using against us

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Banning Cisco kit would certainly be a cost saving on many fronts. We'd also help slow the steady encroachment of "hardware you thought you owned as a service" into the marketplace.

  3. Peter D


    Why why Huawei do you waste your time fighting this?

  4. EnviableOne Silver badge


    even the so called US kit has components made in china so if the Pooh Bear lookalike wanted to interfere, the last place to look would be Chinese branded kit.

  5. shaunhw

    Trump tries toTower over all of us.

    They should prove that such backdoor spying is possible or be sued for defamation.

    The fact that equivalent US kit seems to have backdoors is just as bad for any third country.

    Huawei could document all the silicon chips they used and give out the source code for the OS which drive them, to the US authorities, and any other authority with doubts about the security of thier hardware.

    They should also allow installable binaries to be made for their devices, built from this source code.

    Trump should review the source or shut up his big gob.

    Heaven knows - I couldn't vote for this Trump jerk, but he's trying to tell our country what to do in a way the EU never did.

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