back to article In a high-security preview, we got our claws on Samsung's Galaxy S20 and S20+... which are annoyingly good

The long-awaited – and highly leaked – Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra flagship phones are finally here along with official glimpses of the folding Galaxy Z. Question is: is the S20 series any good? Last month, your humble vulture jumped on a train to London to attend a Samsung pre-briefing, where, with a sticker …

  1. Cederic Silver badge

    Too big

    They're lovely but I have elegant slim hands and normal sized pockets so they're just too damn big.

    It's like cameras. Americans with fat fingers skewing the market :(

    1. TReko

      Re: Too big

      Since Sony abandoned their "compact" range, there are no high-end phones with a sane screen size. These new Samsungs are just too darn big!

      I might have to switch back to Apple with their promised iPhone SE 2 with a screen size of 4.7"

  2. Unicornpiss

    This might be..

    ..the phone that makes me finally give up my S5.

    1. Screwed

      Re: This might be..


      I only traded in my S2 a few weeks ago. It was still working OK.

      Managed to get £100 off a new phone. (Promptly sold on eBay...)

  3. Conundrum1885

    Check out

    The Z Flip

    Looks pretty compact but hope the screen has better protection than the one on S Fold.

  4. iron Silver badge

    The $64 million question... does it have a headphone socket? The answer will make or break this phone for me and my S8+ needs an upgrade.

    1. Waseem Alkurdi

      The crystal ball of leaks say 'no' this time.

    2. DrXym

      Probably not

      Samsung follow Apple in thinking of ways to screw some money out of customers. A headphone jack only costs pennies and for many people is an essential or at least useful addition. But that's no good if your goal is to sell overpriced bluetooth earbuds to people with more money than sense.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SD yes!

    5G, no thanks.

    Plus i'm sure it's full of Samsung crapware.

    My Pixel 3a XL is cranking along just fine.

    Get back to me in two years. By then they'll have put back the headphone jack.

  6. BGatez

    Easy to replace battery? Costs less than a good laptop? Super de dooper CPU not throttled due to overheating? Didn't think so.

    BUT- idiots will be able to walk into you, block sidewalks and stairways while downloading crap even faster.

  7. Wenlocke

    It's good but... it more use to me than my S9+?

    So far, I have to say, it doesn't look like any of my use cases will be significantly improved over my imminently out of contract current slab. Even 5G doesn't impress me as I don't tend to go places that currently or soon will have it. So pending something really spectacular, that's about it down this line.

    Now the Z Fold? That looks like something that I might actually find useful, if it proves durable enough, and that's largely because of the form factor. Travel and commuting, I find that I end up shuffling my phone around various pockets as I move, due to the size of the slab, and a phone that fits into that small package sounds like something I'd be interested in. the specs appear to be roughly equivalent to last years top tier, which is more than plenty for me. It will mostly depend on the battery life at that point. (or really push the boat out and wait until they release the rumoured Fold 2)

  8. TrumpSlurp the Troll

    Multi player gaming and party mixes?

    Here, take my credit card now!!!!!!!

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