back to article MWC now stands for 'Most Won't Come': Intel, Vivo and MediaTek drop out of mobile industry kneesup over coronavirus

Intel is the latest big name to withdraw from the Mobile World Congress trade show, due to take place in Barcelona later this month amid growing fears about the coronavirus epidemic. This follows moves by other large firms, including Nvidia and LG, which both dropped out of the event in the last few days, citing the same …

  1. Blank Reg Silver badge

    They should just cancel the whole event

    If someone showed up that was contagious then with the typically huge MWC crowds you could expect dozens, or even hundreds of people will become infected. And they will all head home in a few days not realizing that they were infected until after they've had a chance to infect others.

    1. jelabarre59 Silver badge

      Re: They should just cancel the whole event

      The alternative is for attendees and presenters to adopt a new dress code:

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They should just cancel the whole event

      Canceling is clearly the right thing to do. But their cancellation insurance probably doesn't kick-in until they're told to cancel by the government. :-(

      1. entfe001

        Re: They should just cancel the whole event

        Last news I heard are that GSMA is waiting for the WHO to officially declare that virus a pandemic, as this would enable them by contract to cancel the event without the need to pay indemnities

        OTOH, and this is pure speculation, they might hold for enough parties to suspend their attendance, cash their indemnities, and once the balance between what attendees have to pay and what they should pay to parties still attending is positive, to cancel without a loss

  2. spold Silver badge

    So... RSA?

    So Spain has 0 cases when I last looked, and California has 7 - should people be bailing on the huge upcoming RSA in San Fran? OK I guess attendees are well placed to do a Risk Assessment....

    1. entfe001

      Re: So... RSA?

      Spain has 2 confirmed cases, however both of them are on islands: one at Canary Islands, other at Balearic Islands. By the way, the second one is a British citizen.

      Nonetheless, I'd be glad if the MWC gets suspended, if only because I use metro line L8 on my commute (for those who ever attended, the one linking Espanya and Fira, although I go farther) and the Mobile Week becomes a living hell if you need to move through the area.

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