Outdoor WiFi PtP Bridge

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    Outdoor WiFi PtP Bridge

    I've been looking at these things to get a bridge to an outbuilding to which cabling isn't practicable (list pre-sorted to 2-part outdoor kits):


    Distance is 20m LoS with the plan being these get fixed on the outside of each building facing each other. In my house I'll have CAT6 wired from the main hub to the device, them bung a WAP inside the outbuilding.

    My needs are modest, one or two devices and a WiFi security cam. No need for 4k streaming video etc.

    We're rural so no issue with a zillion other WiFi networks fighting for airwaves ;)

    Will a basic kit near the top of the list work? You can spend a bomb on this but I don't need a 2km link. Any recommendations on brand or products or anything else?

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