back to article Everything's coming up Kubernetes: Google Cloud adds support for Windows Server Containers

Google will support Windows Server Containers in its Kubernetes engine, and has emitted a connector that makes all its cloud resources look like Kubernetes. Microsoft first flung out server containers with Windows Server 2016. This enables you to use them with Windows applications such as those using the .NET Framework (as …

  1. Dinanziame Bronze badge
    Paris Hilton


    From somebody who's completely out of the loop: Can we look forward to a future where every cloud provider must be compatible with all the standards in order to have a chance, and most reasonable setups can easily change providers?

    Or are all the big providers adding so much additional fluff that you'll be locked in no matter what you do, because your setup will always have to be "optimized" in ways that make a migration impossible?

    1. Pascal

      Re: Converging?

      The trend towards hosted K8s like the big 3 do now certainly is a movein that direction. Sure, the fluff around it - management, provisioning and automation might be provider-flavored but if you run your own containers in K8s, that is really fairly portable.

      That's a big step up from the microservices offering of a few years back with lambdas, azure functions, service fabrics and so on that certainly was fun to play with but very provider-centric.

    2. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: Converging?

      We are talking about Google here. They will drop support for it in about 2 years time.

      Anyone who designs a business process around a Google Cloud service needs to have their head examined.

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