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Greetings, traveller, and welcome back to The Register Plays Games, our monthly gaming column. With the festivities behind us and the cold, grey light of January harshing everyone's buzz, it's time to sit down and escape reality. Not sure how I managed to complete this edition following the birth of my second son, but on the …

  1. deive

    First person shooters in gerneral arn't my thing, but you are missing out if you haven't played Quantum Break!

    I suppose part of it for me was that it was the first 4k HDR game I'd played, but still was great.

    1. baud

      I though that Quantum Break, like all the games made by Remedy, was a Third person shooter

      1. deive

        Yeah, you are right, I meant shooters in gernernal; rather than just first person ones! My bad.

    2. BlueTemplar

      I don't think I've ever liked a 3rd-person shooter, and am very wary of games that are also released on console, but this has me interested !

  2. Rich 11 Silver badge

    Congrats on the new sproglet

    I've always taken the utmost care never to become a father, but at the one point in my life where it became both a practical and desirable possibility, me and my girlfriend came to the agreement that we would split the primary baby-related duties equally by tossing a coin to decide who would do the breast-feeding and who would wash the nappies.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Congrats on the new sproglet

      Where did you get the double-headed coin? I've always wanted one.

  3. baud
    Thumb Up

    Looks cool. I'll have to buy that one once I got a new PC, got the current one can't really run any recent AAA game (most recent must have been XCOM 2, which ran like crap (but was still very fun))

    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

      In fairness, XCOM 2 ran like crap on brand-new fresh hardware at the time for reasons that I don't think were entirely down to the hardware itself.

      1. baud

        To be fair, I played a while after release, so I'd guess most of the worst performance bugs should have been fixed. And other recent-ish games didn't run well either (Sleeping Dogs: impossible to play; The Solus project: bad perf), so it's not just XCOM 2.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        It was partly the GUI.

        A simple user mod, available and functional on Steam workshop IIRC (so not a "hack", it did not even need that far into the games code)... FIXED it!

        So the users were able to fix things the coders were not. Similar happened with KSP, but the coders eventually fixed it. Basically a lot of coders forget to limit FPS render on GUI, or alternatively checkerboard/raster calls. So you either have a GPU going "this is sooo easy, I can render 4000 frames a second for this" and the games render engine falling over as it actually tries to deliver those :P or you end up with the GUI trying to call 4000 entries on every pixel/button/line/fade of the GUI because someone forgot to stop the recursion at 4 (or render everything out to a bitmap and making 1 call to that bitmap instead).

        I might be slightly wrong with the terms, but it seems to be recurring problem. Halo:MCC does the same, but only for some people strangely. And no, it's not the windows version, as it bugs out on some of the Xboxes too!!!

    2. Tomislav

      I have not played a game in ages, and it shows. The first thing I thought after reading the above post was - author must have a really bad computer to have issues with "XCOM: Terror from the deep" :D

  4. ILLQO

    One of my top picks for the year

    Control was one of my favorite games this year and appears to be based off a new (new to me at least) narrative style and website known as the SCP foundation (Link for reference)

    As well as the Lost Room

    ( )

    It created a beautiful universe to play in, allowed some freedom of choice in an open map, while also funneling the player through a complex but enjoyable storyline. It teases information and views from behind the scenes over and over again, drawing the player with a mystery and a solution while just compounding more questions, the controls even on the PS4(Pro) were intuitive and quick, I experienced very few game breaking glitches or bad loads.

    You Start the game depending on the Service Weapon, but as the game goes by and you learn more abilities your retinue of responses and the pace of combat pick up and lead to each major battle (with the exception of one near the end which just left me tired) completing with a real sense of accomplishment and power. You start only being able to plink a few rounds per minute and end up flying around the screen, throwing pieces of the architecture while dodging sometimes near bullet h*ll levels of return fire.

    I also suggest this game if you have not played it yet, it calls to a lot of different wants in a game, with character progression, mystery, expansive world building.

    Now the negatives: At time the conversations can be a bit cringe worthy, the main character talks to herself a lot (pay attention to this though.. sometimes people reply to your thoughts not your words) and the conversations can be a bit dry, sometimes the architecture is not your friend and you can fling yourself off the top of a staircase dodging and end up in more hurt than if you just tanked the hit, some combat in enclosed spaces can get really glitchy fast as the items in your field of vision go way above what your system can handle and the screen rate straight tanks. All of this seems to be more due to the limitations of the hardware and some poor decisions for areas to have combat occur in.

    Overall I loved the game, and really hope that the rest of you like it as well. It quickly made it to the top of my favorite list and I think it will stay there for some time.

    2 DLC are in the works and will help expound on the story.

  5. Andy Non Silver badge

    New (again) to gaming here

    The last game I'd played until recently was Doom 2 back in the days of DOS. Recently treated myself to a PS4(pro) and Doom. I loved the original games but got fed up this version very quickly. There is no save feature other than the auto-save which only kicks in too infrequently for my liking. As a novice of using the PS4 controls to aim and shoot I was constantly getting killed and having to redo every section again and again and again, which got tedious to put it mildly. The scenery was getting tedious too. Open a door, similar looking corridors and rooms and full on with monsters ad-nauseum. I gave up on it in the end.

    I've tried several other games now and my absolute favourite is "The Outer Worlds". Depending on your chosen difficulty level you can consider it a first person shooter game or more of an RPG adventure, exploring different planets and cities, fighting monsters and bad-guys. You have an overall mission but get involved in sub-missions, some for your colleagues and some for the sheer fun of doing a bit of smuggling. It is a vast open game and very addictive. The Mrs complained about becoming a gaming widow! I've tried other similar RPG games but none so far are anywhere near as good as this one. My pennyworth for all it is worth. It certainly has much more depth than Doom.

    1. Circadian

      Re: New (again) to gaming here

      @Andy Non

      Recommend you grab Horizon Zero Dawn. It can be set to a very forgiving difficulty, and has a very interesting storyline (though as an open-world game, the story is slow to play out). It’s often on sale and is a pretty good introduction to console gaming.

      1. Andy Non Silver badge

        Re: New (again) to gaming here

        Thanks, I'll give it a go. :-)

  6. IceC0ld

    Temptation,thy name is GAMING ..........

    interesting read on a game I had not actually heard of, but sadly,my current PC will not be able to play that, it is actually unable to 'play' W10 .................

    but added to the list, a long, and increasing list, if truth be told, and hopefully, once my PC upgrades to a reasonable attempt to host reasonably new games, I shall give it a go :o)

    until then .............

    Now, do excuse me. I've just seen Max Payne 1 and 2 in the Steam store for £2

    I am off to peruse said store and maybe purchase said game, not so much to revisit my youth, but maybe revisit the times when I had hair ffs :o)

    1. Excellentsword (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Temptation,thy name is GAMING ..........

      Proceed with caution. I quickly found that it needs heavy patching. Sound doesn't really work...

  7. eldakka Silver badge

    Already proven bad idea?

    You pick up his "Service Weapon", a shape-shifting "Object of Power" which happens to make you the new director.
    This doesn't seem like a good idea, see:
    Dennis the Peasant: You can't expect to wield supreme power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!”

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