back to article US govt 'told Germany that Chinese spies bug' Huawei 5G kit. It also told the world Iraq had WMDs ready to deploy...

America warned Germany Huawei's cheap'n'cheerful 5G gear was effectively bugged by Beijing's spies and leaking secrets to agents, it is claimed. The US government's evidence of this alleged espionage has not been shared publicly, we note. According to a report published Wednesday by Handelsblatt, a German business and policy …

  1. Tomislav


    "THE US cannot be trusted to tell the truth or protect the interests of others,"

    There, fixed that for you :)

    1. DavCrav

      Re: FTFY

      "NOBODY can be trusted to tell the truth or protect the interests of others,"

      There, fixed that for you.

    2. DJV Silver badge


      Absolutely! I came here to post exactly the same thing.

      1. teknopaul

        Re: @Tomislav

        Someone ought to explain to the US trade, eeer i mean "security" advisors, what the Streisland effect it.

        Some people might forget about the Merkle phone hacking scandal if they let it lie.

  2. K

    When it a Chinese company

    It's called "Spying" and it's a threat to the western way of life, its evil.

    When it's a US company, its called Telemetry and User Tracking, and that's a good thing.

  3. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    So, as I pointed out in another thread, just buy the kit, wipe everything off it, and install your own stuff.

    1. terrythetech

      So, you haven't considered that the risk (if there is a risk) might be in the hardware, or software that is not reprogrammable by the end user e.g, firmware, CPU monitoring cores etc.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      So just to be clear...did you mean...

      Just develop and install your own firmware, embedded OS, control plane and applications and management applications, that doesn't use any borrowed code...across thousands of geographically dispersed devices...that is able to hand off to other devices and networks with their own custom stack...that you will maintain, by yourself.

      is that what you meant by "your own stuff"?

      not saying it's a bad idea, but to be honest, at first glance, it doesn't sound all that great.

      but if you said "your own stuff" but actually meant "someone else's stuff that' you trust"

      Then aren't you just trading one intelligence agency for another?

      1. J.G.Harston Silver badge

        Re: Errr

        Yes, you have to trust that the people you trust are trust-worthy enough to source their supposedly-trustworthyness from trustworthy sources, and them also, and so on to the first electron flipped with a pin.

  4. JohnFen

    Who to trust?

    > "Huawei cannot be trusted to tell the truth or protect the interests of others, and it should not be trusted with the vital security of 5G networks," the US State Department explains in document about 5G security titled

    I don't know about Huawei, but I do know that this is absolutely true of the US government. Anything they assert is meaningless in the absence of evidence.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Who to trust?

      It's not like the Americans are going to listen to the German leaders phone calls

  5. IGotOut Silver badge

    So where is the warning from the US

    "that Cisco has been proven to work with the USA's security agencies."

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    "America warned Germany"

    America warned everyone, and told nobody why exactly it could say that. In return, anyone with a brain did his own evaluation and found that America is frothing at the mouth and can no longer be trusted.

    How much longer are we going to have to endure this fax-simile of diplomacy ? America is not warning anyone, it is simply trying to keep the market to itself.

    And failing dismally, as it should.

    1. Adair Silver badge

      Re: "America warned Germany"

      Some American corporate entities are VERY unhappy that someone else is eating their lunch. Right in front of them.

      1. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

        Re: "America warned Germany"

        VERY unhappy that someone else is eating their lunch

        As happened many years ago to Motorola (when they made cellular infrastructure) - they coasted along, fat and happy, for many years since they had the lead in capabilities and people (pretty much) had to buy their base stations of they wanted to build a mobile network.

        They didn't notice when Nokia and Ericcson started to sell kit that was cheaper and better. Until their sales types started getting their calls refused rather than automatically getting an order for £xxxx-worth of kit.

        The decline was pretty swift.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Americans are just but hurt because their coup in Iran didn't work out in the early 1950s and resulted in a revolution years later and Iran being angry at the Americans and ever since the Americans haven't dropped it.

    They are more butt hurt because China is able to have the relationship with Iran that the Americans dream of. China's way of doing it didn't involve weapons or threats or blowing it up. whatever but their building and investment aspects and being a friend

    So as a get back at China. They are trying to squeeze china's biggest important companies. Ie Huawei and throwing so much stuff about them playing on old propaganda about the Chinese probably instilled in the 50s or 60s

    Despite the west actually bought China slaves as cheap labour to cost cut and made China powerful lol

    Also if the Americans are not careful will incriminate them selves with paranoia because of the USA using Google, Microsoft, apple and cisco ( that powers the net) to spy on everyone already

    American need to realise meddling in other countries creating coups whining about not being no1 or loosing that spot is actually being caused by the things they actively do.

    They are hudge bullys with very dangerous weapons they like to excercise and threaten with. They are loony with paranoia about loosing their influence and said the very things they do to try and win it are the cause of loosing it

    Can't be no1 forever. Someone else will always take over. Because it just happens. It's part of life

    1. Dagg Silver badge

      You also forgot 1973 the original 9/11 when the CIA was involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected Allende government of Chile and installation of the dictator Pinochet.

    2. SundogUK Silver badge

      "They are more butt hurt because China is able to have the relationship with Iran that the Americans dream of."

      "That the Americans dream of."


    3. BebopWeBop

      They still have not got over Cuba.

  8. Kev99 Silver badge

    Did the other draft dodger in chief get back in the white house? And to think his father was a decorated Naval Aviator.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I sometimes wonder whether the EU would react differently to the US claims if their current president wasn't such a bell-end.

  10. Sgt_Oddball

    Has nobody explained to the yanks...

    That doubling down on a lie doesn't usually pan out? This isn't Las Vegas where you can keep bluffing whilst holding a joker, two uno cards, a magic card and two community chest monopoly cards.

    Everyone, their dog and the little green men from Mars can see that it looks like a massive bluff without anything to back it up.

    They've not even tried to use "we're not saying our evidence since it would compromise our spies" rouse (which would send the Chinese into even more of a paranoid surveillance state but at least they'd waste resources on their own).

    It just looks like sour grapes coming from a sulking child after being caught with their hands in the jar saying that it wasn't us, they're stealing the cookies!

    Can we have the adults in politics back now please? All is forgiven....

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Has nobody explained to the yanks...

      ...and they keep trotting out the "news" that Huawei was founded by an ex-military officer, like that's the "smoking gun" or something. Mostg countries, the US included, have retired military officers who go into politics, get into company Boardrooms or even go on to found their own companies, especially in the security businesses, After all, where do all these "private contractors" who support US military, business people etc in the likes of Iraq come from? (Surely they can't ALL be fronts for the CIA?)

  11. Giovani Tapini

    Still just trade war propaganda

    Show me an active compromise and I'll consider it. Otherwise I'll assume kit from us vendors is just as likely, if not more likely to be compromised. Given the amount of airtime given to this I'm really starting to wonder if uncle Sam us hiding something more behind this...

  12. Stork Silver badge

    Topf, Kessel, Schwartz

    Should be the answer I think

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh....quick fix needed....

    Quote: ....the German Federal Government received intelligence from the US at the end of 2019 "that Huawei has been proven to work with China's security agencies."


    You forgot to mention that the German Federal Government received intelligence from the US "that Cisco Systems has been proven to work with US and UK security agencies, and that this means that all internet communications for the last twenty years are severely compromised".


    There....fixed another hypocritcal news item.

  14. big_D Silver badge


    America warned Germany Huawei's cheap'n'cheerful 5G gear was effectively bugged by Beijing's spies and leaking secrets to agents, it is claimed.

    As opposed to Merkel's phone, which definitely was bugged by the US...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ignoring the trade war aspect

    how much of this would suggest that Huawei refused to install a backdoor for the US Govt.

    Posted from my Huawei Honor 10

  16. _LC_

    "It also told the world Iraq had WMDs ready to deploy."

    And it did so we with help of German goons, remember?

    Curveball - the guy who got tortured by the BND (German CIA) in order to provide the lies:

    "Ex-spy chief says BND 'misused' for Iraq War"

    They know that this falls on fertile ground. That's why they "approached" the Germans to begin with.

  17. David Neil

    Not exactly surprising they ignored it

    When I worked for EY the German country practice insisted on additional encryption hardware before they sent any data onto the Global Network (GWAN) because it was managed by US companies.

    Caused quit a kerfuffle at the time as it delayed the deployment of the 'new' equipment and AT&T were already behind schedule.

  18. Cynic_999

    Makes no difference if it IS compromised

    It should always be assumed that ANY public network is compromised no matter who supplied the tech, and so nobody should be sending sensitive information though a network unless it is securely encrypted.

  19. normal1

    To be honest, a lot of other countries said the same thing.

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