back to article Because Monday mornings just aren't annoying enough: Google Drive takes a dive and knocks out G Suite

An issue with Google’s online storage system, Google Drive, booted users out of the web giant’s online word processing and spreadsheets services on Monday morning, US west coast time. "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later," was the message that met hundreds …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Hands up...

    All those who trusted Google with all their data?

    Now hands up all those who are going to bring it back to local storage once Google gets its finger out and restores these supposedly always available services.

    Not quite what it says on the tin eh Google.

    1. Donn Bly

      Re: Hands up...

      I may trust Google Drive with a copy of my non-critical data out of convenience, but my private NextCloud VM is my preferred cloudy storage.

    2. MatthewSt

      Re: Hands up...

      So we've had the obligatory "cloud bad, go back to on-prem" post, and the "cloud only good as a backup" post. Now all we need is the "cloud more reliable than running it yourself" post and we've got the full set!

      1. Nunyabiznes

        Re: Hands up...


        My boss says "cloud more reliable than running it yourself". Does that count?

        He wants to move more and more up from our extremely robust infrastructure to various cloud services because it "saves time". Right up until you need to get hold of someone and spend fruitless hours calling, emailing, etc to no avail.

        There is certainly a time and place for cloud services, but primary workflow isn't one IMHO.

      2. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: Hands up...

        As I've said before, it's not about reliability.

        If something of yours gives up, it'll be one of your somethings and TPTB will be looking for someone to blame.

        If you've stuck everything in a cloud when, not if, it goes your entire business will be on the floor and TPTB will be looking for someone to sack.

    3. tin 2

      Re: Hands up...

      Me. All my stuff is in there. I think it's had a couple of hiccups in the almost 14 years I've been using it. and I've NOT lost my work due to some kind of crash hundreds of times in that period. I think they're doing really quite well.

      ...and yeah I probably should back it up and no I'm definitely no Google fanboi.

      1. cpm86

        Re: Hands up...

        Rclone is good for drive backup and gyb for gmail. A cron shell script and you sure feel more comfortable about not losing all that consumer or workgroup cloudy stuff.


      2. whitepines

        Re: Hands up...

        Me. All my stuff is in there

        Can I have your crystal ball? Mine was a bit cloudy and didn't tell me which cloud would be available in 15 years. Some people I know ended up paying through the nose when Yahoo Groups decided to delete files (giving nearly no time to get them off the service, too), but 15 years ago they seemed healthy enough for a free cloudy service.

        Yet somehow I have no problems accessing key files I saved locally on my systems 20+ years ago. I also have what could be the sole remaining copies of interesting historical data from certain other public cloudy services that have gone belly up over the years. Go figure.

        Good backup hygiene isn't something restricted to a local PC. Play with cloud or a single PC and don't bother to do backups, and you'll get burnt. Eventually.

        1. tin 2

          Re: Hands up...

          Heheh. None at all, I just chose what I saw, got lucky, and still like it.

          You're right tho, as I did already say, I must back it up. Cos either Google will get bored and EOL it, or there'll be some megahack that "nobody thought possible".

    4. Test Man

      Re: Hands up...

      Thank God sensible people just use the option to keep the files offline - no issues at all.

      So.... moving swiftly on....

  2. Snake Silver badge

    Factor in all requirements

    For those (in the U.S. especially) it's not only your cloud service reliability, it's also your ISP reliability. Which in the U.S. rates as "You're kidding, right?"

    But hey, believe the talking heads. They've never led you wrong before... >;-/

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge


    What percentage of users were affected? Also, how long since GDrives' latest outage?

    Certainly, it sucks to loose access to data for (up to) an hour, but it's not clear to me that this should even be counted as a fail.

    NO system is fail-proof. You make business decisions regarding acceptable business risks, and the costs needed to achieve that. If G's engineering beats what you can do in-house, go with G. If not, don't.

    Of course, if you never sat down to figure out your business risks in the first place, there is no helping you.

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