back to article The Foot of Cupid emits final burst of flatulence in honour of fallen Python Terry Jones

Actor, writer and Python Terry Jones has died at the age of 77. Jones died on Monday, less than five years after being diagnosed with a form of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) that progressively impaired his ability to communicate. Famously a member of the Monty Python team, Jones teamed up first with Sir Michael Palin to write …

  1. JohnFen Silver badge


    Maybe he's just pining for the fjords.

  2. Chris G Silver badge

    Terry Jones passing is not only a loss for his family and friends but a loss for British comedy.

    RIP Terry and look out for the Spanish Inquisition, they're expecting you.

    1. Nunyabiznes Silver badge

      @Chris G - "Terry Jones passing is not only a loss for his family and friends but a loss for British comedy."

      I'll correct that to just say comedy. To paraphrase one of the US' comedians: I don't care where you're from - that guy's funny!


    2. HildyJ Silver badge

      The comfy chair awaits him

      But the world is a sadder place without him.

  3. David Blair 1

    Da Bishop!

    We was too late!

  4. osakajin Bronze badge

    "Fuck off i'm full".

    "Oh alright just the one."

  5. chivo243 Silver badge


    For 45+ years of comedy, I was 9 or 10 when I first heard those words... It's Monty Python's Flying Circus.


    1. HorseflySteve

      Re: Thanks!

      I used to run home from secondary school yo watch Do Not Adjust Your Set.

      I often wonder if Jones was making a serious suggestion when he gave Pontius Pilate a speech impedemement in Life of Brian; "Fwee Bawabas"?

      It must have benen awful for him and his family and friends, especially Michael Palin, to watch his brilliance ebb away to demetia so a blessing that they are all freed of that now.

  6. Simon 53

    "Jones teamed up first with Sir Michael Palin.... before the pair created Monty Python's Flying Circus with Eric Idle, John Cleese and animator Terry Gilliam."

    I think somebody forgot something.... the not-so-immortal Graham Chapman

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge

      Did you say 'YellowBeard'!!?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "I think somebody forgot something.... the not-so-immortal Graham ChapmanI think somebody forgot something.... the not-so-immortal Graham Chapman"

      It's been corrected - that what the "Tips and corrections" link is for at the bottom of each article - which is what I did.

  7. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    I hope he's finally found...

    His shrubbery with a little path...

    Or at least a correct English-Hungarian phrasebook ... *muttering* ah! Yandelvayasna grldenwi stravenka!

    Mines the one with the pocket full of eels....

    1. KarMann Bronze badge

      Re: I hope he's finally found...

      So that's why my hovercraft seems so empty!

  8. TRT Silver badge

    How bizarre...

    Just about to leave work and about two dozen students have just gathered in the courtyard and shouted "Yes. We ARE all individuals!" up at the building.

    Wonder if that was meant for Alison Telfer?

    Anyway, so soon after Neil Innes as well. :(

    Every Python lost is a light gone from the world.Missed greatly.

  9. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Captain Buzzkill

    Hey, I just wanted to pop my head in and be That Guy who asks where the IT angle is and what this article is doing on The Register out of, apparently, complete obliviousness to the nature of this site and the Bootnotes section.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Captain Buzzkill

      The irony of your username is not lost on me, Raymond Luxury-Yacht.

      1. TRT Silver badge

        Re: Captain Buzzkill

        Did he come here for an argument?

        1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

          Re: Captain Buzzkill

          No, he's just a very naughty boy...

          RIP Mr J.

        2. AIBailey

          Re: Captain Buzzkill

          No he didn't, he came here for an argument!

          1. TRT Silver badge

            Re: Captain Buzzkill

            Oh sorry. That's next door. This room is "getting punched in the head" lessons.

    2. JohnFen Silver badge

      Re: Captain Buzzkill

      Few things are as relevant and important to the industry as Monty Python.

      1. Sam not the Viking

        Re: Captain Buzzkill

        How would we ever deal with the surreal events as reported by El Reg without references to reality provided by Monty Python or DA? (Other references are available).

        If IBM, HPE, Crapita, MS etc. represent 'normality', we're doomed.

        1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

          Re: Captain Buzzkill

          (Other references are available)

          Missing TP.

          1. TRT Silver badge

            Re: Captain Buzzkill

            Yes, I am. We all are.

            1. Kane Silver badge

              Re: Captain Buzzkill

              GNU Terry Pratchett

    3. Mark 124

      Re: Captain Buzzkill

      Python the language is named after these Pythons, not the snakes. The documentation has "spam" all through it, e.g. That's relevant enough for me!

      If I've killed your buzz-killing buzz with an injection of facts.... tough!

      1. julianh72

        Re: Captain Buzzkill

        "By the way, the language is named after the BBC show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and has nothing to do with reptiles. Making references to Monty Python skits in documentation is not only allowed, it is encouraged!"

    4. Ellipsis

      Re: Captain Buzzkill

      It seems the downvoters don’t appreciate your humour, Mr. Luxury-Yacht…

      FWIW the IT angle would be Python, surely?

      I must admit I never understood why he was so worried about the baggage-retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow. In my experience it’s been at least as effective as at any other airport.

      So long, Terry, and thanks for all the laughs.


  10. Alistair

    I suppose it may just be an indication that I'm not 17 any more

    But far too many of my cool heros are leaving this coil.


    It's just a scratch.

  11. Ol'Peculier

    I saw him at the Cheltenham literature festival in 2014 on a panel talking about a new book about Douglas Adams and it was so sad to see him struggle. Such a sad loss.

    1. Timbo

      "I saw him at the Cheltenham literature festival in 2014 on a panel talking about a new book about Douglas Adams and it was so sad to see him struggle. Such a sad loss."

      It only seems to me like yesterday, that I went to the O2 in Greenwich to witness the Pythons on stage again in summer 2014.

      And sadly, Terry Jones had a few little "moments" when he forgot some line or other and the others made a big joke about the "missing bit" and they just carried on, but the audience (who all knew what should have been said) were entranced and enjoying the fact that everyone was human and mistakes happen.

      RIP Mr Jones....or should I say Mrs Scum ;-) ?

  12. MiguelC Silver badge

    R.I.P Terry Jones

    You made us laugh,

    You made us cry laughing.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The nude organ player is no more!

    Farewell Terry.

    1. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

      Didn't he do the musical mice sketch too?

      1. Spanners Silver badge

        RE: Musical Mice

        Now I am being reminded of the friends of Bagpuss!

  14. earl grey

    i'm more sad

    that so few have posted here. I hate to see this kind of loss to the world. Too many gone.

    1. 9Rune5 Silver badge

      Re: i'm more sad

      I am not sure what to say that hasn't already been said. Also some of us might need a little time to digest this terrible news or are just busy re-watching all of Terry's great work.

      Either way: RIP Terry.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    These days there are few people that make truly random comedy. It's an art form that is going to be lost. I hope Terry is wherever we go after life telling people to leave his juniper berries alone.

    1. My other car WAS an IAV Stryker Bronze badge

      Random comedy is related to the concept of "whimsy" (at least in my mind), and that reminds me of the Big Banana Car, recently featured in a major local newspaper after being pulled over by a state trooper just for kicks (and the trooper gave him $20 for the trouble).

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There aren't that many people who you can say "The world is a poorer place for them not being in it anymore" and everybody will agree with you.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I certainly agree.

      <rant>But I fear you're too optimistic - there are, sadly, plenty of miserable joyless shitpails around these days who will argue that Terry Jones, being a) white, b) over 25 years old, c) middle-class, and d) straight-as-far-as-we-know, is not worthy of our admiration. Terms like "check your privilege", "heritage of oppression" and "intersectionality" will be thrown around by over-earnest po-faced wankers who wouldn't recognize true genius if it dropped on their heads.

      If I ruled the country they'd all be slapped with fish.


      RIP Terry Jones.

  17. skeptical i

    Thank you, Terry, for explaining the difference ...

    ... between Welsh and English dialects: in English the inflection goes down at the end of a sentence, but the Welsh are excitable and so the inflection goes up. Handy tidbit for this left-pond'ian. Peace unto him, his family, and his loved ones.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge

      Re: Thank you, Terry, for explaining the difference ...

      Don't forget the Cornish - they're confused so even a statement sounds like a question.

  18. Hazmoid

    RIP Terry

    Just wanted to add my commiserations.

    As I've said to my kids, in my day, we listened to Monty Python on cassette tapes and bloody well enjoyed it! Tell the kids of today that and they won't believe you!

    Ave Biggus Dickus!

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: RIP Terry

      You had tape in a cassette?


      1. Kane Silver badge

        Re: RIP Terry

        You had tape?

        When I were a lad we had a small chalkboard, and we had to share the chalk with all the neighbours in the gutter!

        Bloody Luxury!

        1. lafnlab

          Re: RIP Terry

          A chalkboard? You were lucky. As a wee one, our family had to use twigs to write in the mud.

    2. Mooseman Silver badge

      Re: RIP Terry

      "Ave Biggus Dickus!"

      He has a wife you know....

  19. Khaptain Silver badge

    Institute of comedy

    These guys were responsable for creating the most absurd, outrageous and damned funny comedy that we have ever seen.

    The Pythons were incredibly clever people, it wasn't slapstick because it was just too absurd. It went far beyond that in a very delicious manner.

    Rip Terry.. You will be missed but you left a legacy that will never be forgotten...

    1. Mooseman Silver badge

      Re: Institute of comedy

      Python were one of the first comedy groups to not have a punchline at the end of every sketch, preferring to let one run into the next like a surrealist painting. A bloody sad day, watching Michael Palin talking about his friend on the Beeb was heartbreaking.

      1. TRT Silver badge

        Re: Institute of comedy

        Oh yes. I saw that video of Michael Palin on the BBC. That was totally heartbreaking. I'm surprised it got broadcast.

        1. Khaptain Silver badge

          Re: Institute of comedy


          1. 9Rune5 Silver badge

            Re: Institute of comedy

            Your youtube link led me to a longer interview with Palin:

  20. Joe Drunk

    R.I.P., Nudge Nudge

    Raise several pints to you today and your fellow Pythonites for introducing this left-pondian to British comedy at a very young age.


    Not given to skriking but certainly shed a tear when I heard the news.

  22. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

    In tribute, I have bought some waffer thin mints.

  23. hoola Silver badge

    Very little to compare with Monty Python

    Monty Python was in a class of it's own, very clever and ground breaking in so many ways. There are comedy acts more recently but not a team like this.

    In 1981 my youth orchestra went to Germany by coach and the "Monty Python Live at Drury Lane" was played almost continuously. It was so much better than the studio stuff.

    And the bonkers three sided record...….

    1. Mooseman Silver badge

      Re: Very little to compare with Monty Python

      "the bonkers three sided record"

      That was a nightmare - I remember finding a skit on it I wanted to play to a friend, so I dutifully got the record on the turntable and lowered the arm....totally different record. Confused, I changed sides. Nope. I tried again, and after 3 attempts found the "original" side. Genius.

  24. imanidiot Silver badge

    Rest in Peace.

    He shall be missed. We've lost too many comedy gods already. And the current crop of those claiming to be comedians don't seem to be fit of standing in their shadows

  25. Matthew "The Worst Writer on the Internet" Saroff

    How Can You Not Mention his Documentary on the Crusades

    It was wonderful.

  26. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Always look...

    ...on the bright side of life

    'nuff said.

  27. ukgnome

    All these comments and not one mentioning Starship Titanic

  28. Big_Boomer Silver badge

    Thanks to Sir Belvedere for explaining how to determine if she's a witch. Obvious really :-)

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