back to article VMware has a Pivotal moment in its quest to be 'leading enabler of Kubernetes'

VMware has completed its acquisition of Pivotal – or re-acquisition, since Pivotal was spun out from VMware in 2012 – and has appointed Ray O'Farrell as leader of its new Modern Applications Platform business unit. O'Farrell is a VMware veteran who was CTO until August 2019, when the Pivotal acquisition was announced, and then …

  1. well meaning but ultimately self defeating

    surely enablr

    nuff said

  2. IGnatius T Foobar !

    Welcome to the new monopoly.

    AWS CEO Andy Jassy recently stated with respect to K8s: "I don't believe in one tool to rule the world," hoping instead to keep customers on its AWS-specific container platform

    Yes he does. As long as it's *their* tool. AWS is the new Evil Empire, as Microsoft before it and IBM before that.

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