back to article Y2K? How about Y2.02K as Lloyds suffers its second TITSUP* of the year

UK banking giant Lloyds is having a mare of a 2020 as its systems fell over for the second day running today. The bank rang in 2020 with online services dropping over as party-goers stumbled home, offering apologies as customers struggled with mobile apps and web logins before finally getting its act together by around midday …

  1. Dr_N Silver badge

    Blackhorse Down

    What's the tagline?

    "Leave Norman (Blackwell) Behind"

  2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. Stuart Moore

      Even if you can do that (I think it'd work just as well in the UK), it's hassle and stress while you sort it out

      1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

        We have a fix for that as well, it's called "class action". With all of the lovely news coverage to go with it.

        Not that I'm a fan of the way that class actions are going down these days, but they do focus attention.

    2. Gene Cash Silver badge

      I don't see why this is downvoted. It works. American banking has suffered very few outages.

      I'm rather shocked this is tolerated. I've a very dim view of people playing the fool with other people's money.

      1. Wayland Bronze badge

        It's done for cash flow. If people can't move their cash then the bank can hold it longer.

  3. arctic_haze

    The 2020 Microsoft scourge

    Causing the Windows 7 end of life.

  4. Version 1.0 Silver badge


    Just Another Banking Screwup - it's no big surprise is it? Banking via apps that get "updated" to move the bugs around, coding that "works" until something changes (like the new year) and then needs to be "fixed" - don't worry, they will get this fixed soon and it will be reliable for another year with any luck or at least until the next Java update.

    Reliable Software is an oxymoron these days.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: JABS

      That's Continuous Delivery for you...

  5. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

    How's that offshoring going?

    And how many of the 500 permies TUPED over are still there I wonder?

    Could be worse I guess, they could be supported by whoever does Travelex.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other W2K20 bugs

    As reported, below, by Kotaku, WWE 2k20 is having a ... 2k20 bug:

    The irony is, this game, on top of being a glitchy and fuming mess, is called ... 2k20 and can't even reach 2020 !

  7. MacroRodent Silver badge

    Bad Y2K fix?

    I wonder if this spate of 2020 bugs is caused by quick&dirty Y2K fixes that assume 2-digit years below 20 mean 20xx, and the rest 19xx ?

    Developer in 1999: "Surely this crappy software gets replaced by 2020..."

    1. Haynomonous

      Re: Bad Y2K fix?

      'Surely by 2020 this will be someone else's problem.'

  8. MrKrotos


    They still have customers?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Lloyds

      If TSB still does, they still can.

  9. andy gibson

    no security checks

    Quite worryingly it allowed me to login, setup a new bank transfer recipient and transferred £2000 without any of the usual security checks and phone calls.

  10. TheMeerkat Bronze badge

    Why these companies have Twitter account?

    It is usually just full of people complaining and bots on the other side saying “we are sorry” and give pointless advice on contacting customer service.

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