back to article Samsung says sorry as union-busting chairman and VP head off for 18 months in the chokey

The chairman and a vice president of Samsung electronics are starting 18 months' prison sentences after being found guilty of illegal union busting yesterday at the Seoul Central District Court. Chairman Lee Sang-hoon and executive vice president Kang Kyung-hoon were in charge of a wide ranging scheme to stop staff joining …

  1. John Jennings Bronze badge

    Different perspective in Seol, compared to California on how management can behave.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Not really. Apparently Google thinks exactly the same way.

      It's just that public opinion is starting to realize it actually has an impact.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        If the OP is comparing Sammy's statement with the industry standard which says essentially "We were right and the court got it wrong." then he's spot on.

  2. Groove-Cat

    Tech Exec Clink.

    best the US start construction of one soon. seems like the place will fill up pretty quick.

    oh and make sure that the whole complex is surrounded by a Faraday cage.... :D

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Tech Exec Clink.

      If you're building a prison in the US then the first thing you need is a business plan, and a tame politician who knows how to stay bought.

      Then you can pretty much sit back and wait for the money to roll in (whilst occasionally lobbying for harsher sentences to keep your 'customers' returning).

      1. Kibble 2

        Re: Tech Exec Clink.

        I tend to agree with you, Phuzz. Money talks loudly in a capitalist society. But I'm now wondering: after the fall of the USSR, who runs the gulags in Russia today?

        1. Chris G Silver badge

          Re: Tech Exec Clink.

          @Kibble 2 The gulags have pretty much all gone.

          There are still prisons though.

          A friend of mine lives close to where one of the old gulags were in Siberia, everything was demolished and ploughed in during the '90s.

      2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: Tech Exec Clink.

        "harsher sentences to keep your 'customers' returning"

        Don't you mean to stop them leaving?

  3. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. Arctic fox

      Re "I suppose "chokey" is a Korean thing"

      No, it is British slang meaning jail. Pokey is American slang - the US is not "everywhere else".

      1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

        1. Arctic fox

          Re: Re "I suppose "chokey" is a Korean thing"

          Fair enough old chap - two great peoples divided by the same language and all that :)

          1. Bongwater

            Re: Re "I suppose "chokey" is a Korean thing"

            From where I reside the term is Lockup. I swear though that's only a Philadelphia thing. Yes, it is a verb, they got locked up, but for whatever reason it just turned into "yeah I went to lockup".

  4. Ian Joyner Bronze badge

    Another reason…

    why Samsung is one of my least favourite companies along with IBM and Microsoft, companies that want to take over everything. But at least I can name very relevant researchers with IBM and Microsoft – Samsung has no one. It obviously likes its employees to be anonymous – that way they contribute nothing to the scientific world, only to Samsung's profits.

    1. dave 81

      Re: Another reason…

      Weirdly despite all thier fsckup's, I still like like IBM. Even after working a 2 week service contract for them.

      1. Sureo

        Re: Another reason…

        I like(d) IBM too but that was 40 years ago.

      2. Ian Joyner Bronze badge

        Re: Another reason…

        IBM was the originator of dirty tricks. Thomas J Watson senior learned the tactics of Patterson of NCR. Patterson would denigrate all competitor's cash registers spearing FUD. Patterson was gaoled, Watson got off, but then learned how to apply dirty tricks more stealthily.

        All this can be read about in Thomas DeLamarter's "Big Blue: IBM's Use and Abuse of Power".

        IBM were truly a nasty company.

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