back to article Chinese e-commerce site bared 1.3TB of server logs, user data and more

Infosec researchers have uncovered a data breach affecting 1.3TB of web server log entries held by Chinese e-commerce website Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, VPN comparison site VPNmentor’s research team, uncovered the breach in late November. The data was “unsecured and unencrypted”, accessible from an ordinary …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Just wonderful

    I had a feeling that it had been a while since we'd had a billion-record breach. Just one question : is this going to be the last one of the year ? Maybe not.

    Oh well, at least the company can rest easy knowing that there will be no GDPR fine, right ?

    1. Rich 11 Silver badge

      Re: Just wonderful

      But on the other hand if the wrong person's data was exposed the board could end up being taken out and shot.

      1. Robert Helpmann??

        Re: Just wonderful

        if the wrong person's data was exposed the board could end up being taken out and shot.

        What's Mandarin for "Pour encourager les autres"?

        1. steviebuk Silver badge

          Re: Just wonderful



  2. NeilPost Silver badge

    1.3Tb logs!!

    Fuck me, Amazon must be raking it in with 1.3Tb of logs hosted on AWS storage fees.

    Seriously, do they not throw anything away or what ??? Or agile developers dumped housekeeping as an inconvenience to getting shit done ??

  3. phuzz Silver badge

    From TFA, it was logs from "9th of August 2019 to 11th of October". Keeping two months of web logs isn't that unusual surely?

    Although if ours started hitting multiple TBs, I think we'd probably shorten the retention period right down.

    Maybe the data breach was deliberate. This way people will download their logs, and then there'll be backups that they don't have to pay for :)

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