back to article Rocket Lab ends year by cutting ribbon on first launchpad in the US

Peter Beck, boss of upstart small-sat flinger Rocket Lab, gave himself an early Christmas present this week as he declared the company's second launch complex, this time in the US, operational. Kind of. While it has been a mere 10 months since construction began, there are still a good few months to go until an Electron …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    The stage recovery is the big thing.

    That can increase their net profit by 100s of %.

    Pull that off and the are are going to pay off their backers a lot faster.

    So well done, and good luck to them.

    Bit of an early Christmas present.

  2. Mattknz1

    They deserve the success...

    ...based on their rocket naming convention alone. First 10 launches:

    1. It's a Test

    2. Still Testing

    3. It's Business Time

    4. This One's For Pickering (assuming the rocket scientist, not the aussie politician)

    5. Two Thumbs Up

    6. That's a Funny Looking Cactus

    7. Make it Rain

    8. Look Ma, No Hands

    9. As the Crow Flies

    10. Running Out Of Fingers

    I sincerely hope it continues!

  3. WillbeIT

    el reg to name mission

    We never got there with LOHAN however, surely el reg could petition Rocket Lab for the rights for a reader named mission!

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