back to article You had one job, Cupertino: Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection actually gets tracking protection

Apple on Tuesday updated its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) system in its WebKit browser engine because it could be tracked. While ITP has been somewhat effective, making Safari users more opaque and less valuable in the behavioral ad targeting ecosystem than cookie-laden Chrome users, it still has gaps. Recently, …

  1. Claverhouse Silver badge

    The Solution to all Stasis

    The simplest thing to do would be to pass a law banning all tracking. With rather severe penalties --- such as the directors of any attempt being mandatorily sent for 2 to 5 years to a Category A High Security [ Exceptional Risk ] prison.

    We cannot stop the Americans tracking and spying on us, as they do their own subject people, nor the Russians, nor the Chinese, they will have to dree their own weird. We can at least stop our own scum.

    Advertisers and spymasters do not own us.

    1. David Shaw

      Re: The Solution to all Stasis?

      Sorry, I think the advertisers and spooks have pretty much everything sorted

      on the subject of Stasi - part of the virtuous data-sharing between agencies and advertising . which happens everywhere, is getting an extremely rare oral hearing in Karlsruhe.

      Should the BND be allowed to spy on the telephone calls of foreign nationals in third countries and analyse their internet data ... will now be debated before the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe....

      The anticipated landmark ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court will be the first on the BND’s surveillance activities in over 20 years. .... in the light of the massive increase in surveillance possibilities resulting from digitization. ....

      seems journalists, politicians, citizens are not that much protected by the constitution - but everywhere else on the planet is in a worse situation. From what I've seen.

  2. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    "The Register asked Apple to provide more details... You can imagine how that went."

    That went without saying.

    1. Tessier-Ashpool

      Re: "The Register asked Apple to provide more details... You can imagine how that went."

      If memory serves, Apple have forgotten on at least one occasion that they are mortal enemies of The Register.

      1. Mystic Megabyte

        Re: "The Register asked Apple to provide more details... You can imagine how that went."

        The Register should give Louis Rossman a monthly column :)

  3. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    "Recently, Google security researchers found a way to use ITP for the very thing it was created to stop and passed their findings on to Apple, to the potential detriment of their future ad revenue."

    Bloody hell - I wouldn't want to be that researcher. Congratulations on your discovery, now clear your desk. You're fired.

    1. Craig 2

      It's a double edged sword....

      Well done Dave, you've made our competitors look foolish and incompetent... muhahahaha

      Oh wait, that was contributing to our billions of dollar advertising revenues! You're fired Dave...

    2. IGotOut Silver badge

      Or "Thanks Dave with "look over there" distraction. Now about this new tracking method, how do we roll it out again?"

  4. ratfox

    I guess you would trust Google to find ways around tracking protection...

  5. YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

    Secure firefox

    The below link is a nice summary to harden the Firefox browser. Also grab a search engine from Mycroft as Mozilla passes your browser info every time you use search.

    Harden Firefox:

    search engines:

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