back to article Following the wild, roaring success of its Snapdragon 8cx Arm laptop chip, Qualcomm's back with the 8c, 7c

Qualcomm will today expand its range of Snapdragon system-on-chips for always-connected Arm-based Windows 10 tablet-laptops from one to three. Last December, it launched the 7nm 64-bit Arm-compatible Snapdragon 8cx, aimed at fanless lightweight slabtops that are always connected to the internet one way or another, via a built- …

  1. Phil Endecott

    Please may I have one with Linux ?

    1. ColonelDare

      Dear Santa....

      Can I have one too, in my Rasberry Pi 5c+?


      1. Tom 7 Silver badge

        Re: Dear Santa....

        No - you will have something much better in a couple of years and like it or else!

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      No, because MS has done a deal making sure these get bootlockers.

      Personally, for a non-MS desktop environment I'd have preferred to see Google pushing for Android on these but, as we all know, ChromeOS won that particular internal fight.

  2. Johnny Canuck

    ...and a trip to Maui.

  3. Locky

    It's a very functional tool

    But what is she going to do with that pickaxe?

  4. ascii bandit

    Is that the original EEE pc girl?

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