back to article Kubernetes? 'I don't believe in one tool to rule the world,' says AWS's sassy Jassy

AWS CEO Andy Jassy, asked about the future role of Kubernetes (K8s) in cloud infrastructure, told The Register that "I don’t believe in one tool to rule the world." K8s, the open source container orchestration platform, is regarded as a key technology by many in the industry. Pivotal CEO Rob Mee, for example, called it “a …

  1. spodula

    You would have to be pretty damn special to give up the industry standard architecture for a single vendor locked in version.

    I assume therefore there are significant discounts if you use the AWS version?

  2. <script>alert('the register');</script>

    Well if he's telling you to use ECS, which is specifically designed for AWS, I'd say that is literally 1 tool to rule the world

  3. Avloss

    We'll see

    I feel that they feel bad given how much effort they've put into ECS. But other companies also talk about how they have to scrap years of work and fully working orchistration systems since K8S came out. I personally don't think that ECS stands a chance. Given Ali cloud and other cheaper cloud vendors would provide K8s. Sometimes I'm even thinking of just buying a physical server and moving some of my workloads there. It looks like there's no stopping of K8S now. It's "Android" for the cloud. Sure they'll be edge cases, but K8S will eat up the lion share of the market.

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