back to article CloudBees SaaSifies Jenkins X running on Google Cloud Platform

CloudBees joined the SaaS club today with a preview of its Jenkins X CI/CD product running atop Google's cloud. Famed for the venerable Jenkins pipeline wrangler, CloudBees unveiled the open-source Jenkins X in 2018 and, recognising that setting the thing up can be a faff (and eyeing the subscription models that have tempted …

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    1. teknopaul Silver badge

      Re: "and occasionally become nearasdammit impossible to manage"

      I'm in the process of migrating my cloud based ci server to new node with a whopping 1 mb of Ram. Naturally not Jenkins. It uses. Cron. Make. Tsp. Ssh. and a couple of bash scripts.

      If your build tools use the cli you dont need to write/support millions of plugins.

      1. boltar Silver badge

        Don't scare the hipsters

        They come out in a cold sweat if they have < 1Gb of ram and a huge cloud infrastructure and click monkey support tools in which to base their 10k line machine learning Hello World program written in FadLang 0.1

  2. Leanbridge Technologies

    CloudBees’ decision to go with Google is not that much of a surprise as it already enjoys a strong relationship with the internet giant. CloudBees was notably a launch partner for Google’s new Cloud Run serverless infrastructure platform, announced last month, and the Google Cloud Marketplace is chock-a-block full of CloudBees’ products.

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