back to article HPE planning to turn balancing on-premises and cloud environments into point-and-click adventures

The cost and plate-spinning skills of managing multi-vendor public cloud services and an on-premises environment are enough to test the nerves of any IT manager. HPE reckons it has hit upon a solution – though it has some obvious limitations. HPE launched GreenLake a few years back. It's a service delivery mechanism similar to …

  1. macjules Silver badge

    How long before ..

    .. GreenLake Central does not make money and HPE start imagining that they overpaid for it?

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      Re: How long before ..

      You missed the point of what this means...

      Did you not see other El Reg articles on how the cool kids are leaving the cloud?

      What you are mocking is a potential disrupter.

  2. stol

    AWS Outpost with S3 just announced

    Curious how well will AWS reInvent messages resonate inside HPE

  3. fredesmite

    from a company who use to "Invent"

    -- but couldn't clone Debian Linux and distribute Openstack on top of it as a cloud offering

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