back to article After five losses, Apple finally wins a round in $600m VirnetX FaceTime patent mega-battle

Apple has won the latest round in its nine-year patent mega-battle with VirnetX – with a US appeals court rejecting a $600m jury decision and sending it back down to the district court to redecide. The victory saw Apple’s share price go up by more than one per cent but, in an indication of their comparative sizes, VirnetX’s …

  1. Sleep deprived

    "Apple’s entire legal strategy [is] to drag out the fight for as long as it can"

    Could it be called a DoJ attack, as in Denial of Justice, against VirnetX ?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      The only thing that is funny in this whole affair is that Apple is apparently in danger of running out of courts. It has already plowed so much effort into this (*) that courts will actually no longer hear an appeal on one part of the case.

      That has to be a first.

      * - okay, I admit, avoiding a half-billion dollar payout is worth some effort.

    2. Oengus

      Re: "Apple’s entire legal strategy [is] to drag out the fight for as long as it can"

      the only honest answer right now is sometime in the 2020s.

      I think this underestimates the resolve of big business to drag things out.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "Apple’s entire legal strategy [is] to drag out the fight for as long as it can"

      I know most people here have no great love for Apple.

      but in this case surely we should applaud them for being willing to fight a patent troll?

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Depending on the market cap of VirnetX would it be cheaper for Apple to buy them?

    1. DontFeedTheTrolls

      Market Cap currently ~$250million. This is however based on current market price, which factors in that the $600m has not been paid and carries some degree of doubt. Apple will be unlikely to buy enough shares to mitigate the difference.

  3. Ian 55

    Telling whether a website is secure

    Does this mean that someone got a patent on seeing if the URL started with http:// or https:// ?

  4. nick001

    Does that mean we can't use the VPN on demand feature? I just subscribed PureVPN for this function only :(

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