back to article Who's got my back(up)? Rival schools Trilio and Portworx battle it out for those Kubernetes bucks

If one were looking for an indicator that Kubernetes is maturing (other than the sheer numbers that turned out for Kubecon San Diego), it is the plethora of backup solutions emerging for the orchestration technology. Attendance for the once-an-upstart tech's shindig hit 12,000 this year, overwhelming the San Diego Convention …

  1. safaii

    Better Together!

    KubeCon SD 2019 was an excellent forum to unveil our cloud agnostic backup and recovery platform for Kubernetes. We were excited about the amount of interest and energy in the room! There were lots of competitive offerings on display at KubeCon. We view Portworx as a complementary solution for TrilioVault backup operations. The Trilio team are fans of the Portworx organization and its technology, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the ecosystem unfolds in the Kubernetes marketplace.

    -- David Safaii, CEO of Trilio

  2. formerprogrammer

    Dullest conference I've ever been to...

    at least it was cheap.

  3. mak max

    The core Trilio platform, with its agentless technology and incremental backup schemas, is certainly an interesting option, and something with which the Open Stack crowd will already be familiar. The Trilio approach also works for across physical infrastructure, be it on premises, in the cloud or a combination.

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