back to article Embrace, Extend, and… Enclave? Microsoft guards Kubernetes' privates with TEEs

Microsoft had a quiet Kubecon, with technology such as Azure Arc conspicuous by its absence as the company continued its efforts to be a good open source citizen. Having built up a head of steam at its Ignite event with Arc, Gabe Monroy (director for Microsoft's Azure Application Platform) told The Register, "We'd rather focus …

  1. ashdav


    Good luck getting that Intel CPU into the AMD socket.

    1. Thoguht Silver badge

      Re: Picture

      Must be catching, a few days back Dell released a pic with an AMD CPU in an Intel socket.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love it when real Kraftwerk goes into selecting an acronym.

    Leave Paris in the morning, on T.E.E.

  3. kmedcalf

    Side Effect

    This is an interesting Side Effect of the "lets pretend" school of systems design. For a long time computer systems have been designed using the "lets pretend" model. Lets Pretend there is process isolation. Lets Pretend that this API will not be called for blessed purposes. Lets Pretend that malicious software will always sent the "I Am Malicious" flag correctly. Lets Pretend that when I set this sign that it will be obeyed rather than simply ignored. Lets Pretend that when a switch is provided for some purpose that one will not simply flip the switch.

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