back to article Codefresh to chuck 100 million reasons to develop open source at huddled dev masses

CI/CD darling Codefresh took to the high seas of Kubecon to announce that it would be flinging $100m at the open-source ecosystem, as well as adding a free tier for its Kube-friendly pipeline tech. Show me the money software credits Sadly, it won't be as simple as upending a cash bucket over a fortunate open-source gang. " …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    over-hype, under-deliver...

    like every OTHER "The Cloud" thing of the week, is this going to be another case of "Over Hype, Under Deilver" ???

    Throwing cash at it does not make it 'great' nor 'relevant'.

    I was mostly curious. Now I'm underwhelmed....

    I wasn't aware of the HMS Surprise at the downtown pier in San Diego, though. I should have a look at it next time I'm there, lunch break on jury duty maybe (no other reason to go downtown, really).

  2. Kubla Cant Silver badge

    And why pick something that bears a resemblance to a pirate ship to launch the fund?

    HMS Surprise is nothing like a pirate ship (although the original did one book as a privateer, IIRC). The clue's in "HMS".

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