back to article Sage still waiting for cloudy investments to make it rain as operating profit tumbles 10.5%

Operating profit at accountancy software biz Sage dropped 10.5 per cent year-on-year to £382m for the company's 2018/19 results ended 30 September due to an increased investment in its cloudy products. Meanwhile, total revenue rose 4.9 per cent to £1.936bn and net debt fell from £668m in 2018 to £393m. In contrast, in fiscal …

  1. Ragarath

    Patrick Stewart, analyst at Megabuyte

    Is he boldly going where no analyst has gone before?

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Well cloud didn't pay off

    What about blockchain?

    1. rmason

      Re: Well cloud didn't pay off

      They're that agile they skipped blockchain entirely. I believe their AI made the decision for them, after it did some machine learning. In an AWS instance, naturally.

  3. NeilPost Silver badge

    Sage Payments

    I still struggle with Sage Payments not being core to a business that

    - runs payroll

    - runs accounts payable and receivable

    - takes end-punters money for customer websites and physical Chip and Pin which are integrated into all of the above - often with Sage eCommerce - Cloudy or otherwise.

    Hope Elavon give them a good reseller deal.

  4. pathfinderx

    Well, if they'd make it easier

    Workng for a company using Intuit Quickbooks for accounts and Sage for payroll on the desktop, we wanted to move that out to the cloud versions. For Intuit, it was "backup your local system, upload the file here, and 5 minutes later you are up and working on the cloud". Sage - "the systems aren't compatible. You will need to enter our cloud version as a new customer and set everything up again from the beginning".

    At that point, are they surprised people start to look around at their options? If they'd made it easy, we'd probably just have gone ahead with Sage to save time, but if we've got to re-enter anyway, we'll have someone cheaper, thanks!

    1. a_builder

      Re: Well, if they'd make it easier

      I totally agree.

      We got rid of Sage about six months ago: best thing we did in ages.

      Frankly I hated working with Sage. It was a happy day shutting down the accounts Sage server for the last time.

      Very typical of Sage ‘thinking’ that different versions are incompatible and the data can not be easily moved.

      And as for Sage Cloud - don’t get me started....

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