back to article Shopped online at Macy's last month? Might want to toss, or at least check, that card

US retailer Macy's says that hackers planted a card-stealing malware script on its site and harvested customer details for eight days last month. A notice (PDF) posted by the long-operating department store chain said that, between October 7 and October 15 of this year, a Magecart script was running on the checkout page of its …

  1. Robert Helpmann??

    Bad Signs

    That these sort of Magecart operations continue to succeed is a bad sign for both retailers and security providers.

    Yeah, that they skipped hiring pen testers to check out their stuff.

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    Another week

    Another breach.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Yup, well as long as retail stores don't get hit, they don't learn any lesson. It's apparently not enough to see the house next door go up in flames to think about fire protection, today store managers just put their head in the sand and hope they won't get hit.


    2. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Another week

      Another ~6,500 and potentially 20,000 sites breached...

      Up to 20,000 ecommerce websites at risk of Magecart attacks following Volusion server compromise

      A search of the online list of those affected by the security breach indicates that is on the list...

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